Get Paid to Blog with LinkVehicle

There are many different ways to make money with a blog of your own, but one of the most direct ways is to simply “get paid to blog“. By this I mean that you are actually getting paid a specific amount of money for writing a piece of content and placing it onto your site.

The concept is nothing new and amazing, it’s simply a matter of creating a high value blog that already has an existing audience and finding advertisers that would be willing to pay for exposure on your site.

So where are you supposed to find these paying advertisers? That’s where LinkVehicle comes in.

LinkVehicle was created to connect bloggers and advertisers together under one platform, while also taking out all of the annoying complexities of having to search for new advertisers, negotiate a deal, collect funds and make sure the content is posted to the correct site. With all that dirty work taken care of the process sounds easy enough, right? Well, it actually is!

How does LinkVehicle Work?

As mentioned, the concept is easy enough to understand, and to experience the process yourself all you need to do is sign up for a free account through their site. Once this is done you can start adding your blogs to their network for advertisers to see.

LinkVehicle Network

When a site is added the directory, all of the information about your site is private until the order takes place. One an advertiser finds a site they are looking to get their content placed on, LinkVehicle does the work of getting the content or job to the blogger, managing payments and making sure it’s a smooth transaction for both sides.

To give you a better idea of how it works, I’ve broken down the process for you below.

Viewing Offers & Adding Sites Inside LinkVehicle

Once signed up with LinkVehicle, the first thing that you will need to do is start adding your sites. The more sites you add, the better — if you have sites across a wide ranges of niches, this will also help increase the likelihood you will get new advertisers at a faster pace. For each site that you add to their network, you will also choose the amount you want to get paid per article, review or content piece.

Step 2

In addition to adding your sites and getting advertisers directly on a paid placement basis, you can also find a wide range of affiliate based offers to promote on your sites as well. (ie: Write about any of their offers and use your affiliate link to earn a commission every time a new person signs up for an offer or completes an action.)

Step 1

Using the LinkVehicle Dashboard

Every network or ad system has a dashboard, and it’s usually the first thing you see when you login. This is no different with LinkVehicle. When logged in, you will see a notice on the dashboard for any new, existing or pending reviews that might need to be addressed.

Step 3

Publishing Content to Your Blog

You will be notified through the dashboard and by email whenever a new advertiser is interested in placing an order with your site. It is then your job to login and accept or reject the offer. You can then create the content or work off the information that the advertiser may have already provided for you.

Once the content is live on your site, you can then submit the information in the LinkVehicle system where they will confirm it’s all good and live. LV then follows up with the advertiser, payments are issued to the blogger and both sides are happy.

Step 4

Finding Affiliate Offers to Promote

As mentioned earlier, LinkVehicle also has a bunch of affiliate offers that you can promote as well — 300+ to be exact. Much like an affiliate network, you are given tracking urls for each offer and a unique compensation plan for each. Affiliate offers range across various categories such as coupons, dating, education, games and surveys.

Step 5

Step 6

Earning Money with LinkVehicle

In comparison to other blog content ad networks, the cool thing about LinkVehicle is that you set how much you want to get paid per advertiser. LinkVehicle then doubles this amount to cover their portion of the work. (ie: If you want $200 per blog post, LV charges their advertisers $400 — meaning you get the full $200 you originally wanted)

LinkVehicle sends out payments on the 1st and 15th on the month.

Step 7

Here’s a recent payment statement from LinkVehicle as well.

LinkVehicle Payment

At the end of the day, content is still king and web sites, businesses and brands of all sizes are still trying to gain traffic and exposure for their sites — so if you have just one quality site or a whole boat load… LinkVehicle could be a great option for you to start monetizing your audience.

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