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Seems more and more people are starting to make some decent money off blog reviews and sponsored posts. I’m currently signed up with Review Me (as a blogger) and listed in their directory, but I don’t push my badge on this blog for paid reviews. Should someone find me through the ReviewMe directory, that would be great, but right now I want to focus on content and helping others make money online. I heavily stress than NONE of the posts on this site have been paid for or sponsored reviews. (Should there be any in the future, they would be noted as a “paid review”) You also won’t even come across Google Adsense or any other banner ads on the site. At the most, I only incorporate referral urls when talking about a new site or offer… which are all to quality companies/site I work with.

As I continually read more about paid reviews, I wonder… how much can actually be made? Well, looks like that’s next on my list of things to find out! This morning I decided to pick up a new domain and am in the process of making a new blog. This new blog will be dedicated to just paid reviews and I will track and report it’s revenue performance on this blog to keep you updated. This will pretty much be a step by step process on how to make money through “sponsored posts”. This will be new to me, and to make it fair to the sites/offers I am reviewing, I will also cross promote the blog on some other sites of mine to drive some traffic through the site.

(EDIT: I will need to read the terms and policies on these networks to go over their real posts vs paid post ratios. I will also need to come up with a basic idea for the site since just reviews apparently wouldn’t fly with the networks. I am thinking of making it more of a complete review site, then just mixing paid reviews in along with it. This would also do well for search indexing and google adsense earnings!)

This should be fun and interesting! I’m planning on using the big three “paid blogger” programs at the moment, which are Review Me, PayPerPost and Sponsored Reviews. (I will soon do a network review on the three of these programs as well.) Feel free to let me know what you think about the idea, what you would like to see on the site and which networks you have made money with and why you prefer one over the others.

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  1. So with this new blog you will be accepting paid reviews on it? What other content will you be posting on it to get accepted into the various paid review programs? Sounds interesting.

    1. Most of the paid to review blogs now have a directory that you can just pull job from… usually in the $5-$10 range. I know that when I setup campaigns on ReviewMe and PayPerPost for these type of campaigns, it was pretty much low end blogs with minimum to no traffic and alexa rankings of 500k-2 million. Although the blog will only be paid reviews, I am hoping that with proper linkings and write up structures, it should also index well in the search engines.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress of this, I can't see a paid review only blog would be something many people would actually read, but if it gets picked up in the SE's then with the right monetization it could be a decent earner, as I don't really see $5-$10 per post a decent return on the time spent, unless of course you just do a lot of rushed reviews (which at $5-$10 I wouldn't blame you for)

  3. You will have to read the terms of agreements before starting.

    For example, PPP ask for a ratio of 3 post for 1 review. Also, the blog must exist for some time before being accepted.

    Dension Ice: $5-$10 reviews could be sample of quality for the advertiser. If you rush it, they won't take the blogger.

    As for ReviewME(the king of the moment), my feeling are somewhat mixed. I'm writing a post about them. I must wait that everything is finished before posting my finished review of them from an advertiser point of view. You can read my experience with the open marketplace here

  4. so it will basically just be a blog full of sponsored reviews?

    and other content documenting how much you are making?

    how are you gonna get paid for reviews on a brand new blog?

  5. I'd like to see you pull this off. Making a review site that focuses on paid reviews. This will only make mega bucks if you can get it to a couple of hundred per review. But to get it past even $10, the site needs to be at least half popular. A bit of a catch-22. Maybe if you can run a Chinese sweatshop factory of reviewers for 10cents a review… hehehe

  6. I posted my review I mentioned before about a wrong ReviewMe:

    When a ReviewME goes wrong: A Warning to Advertisers

    If you do reviews or order reviews, I suggest you read it.

  7. I think the idea of a blog on just reviews won't find many readers. The main thing that is pushing paid reviews on blogs is because the blogs have other more interesting contents readers are interested in reading. So advertisers hire them. Review only blog won't have as much credibility or reader base to attract as many advertisers. IMHO.

  8. Zac, i'd love to add a new name to this list (I'll disclose the name later) This one is a cakewalk (alright-the company is stupid) It accepts new blogs – ones which have been created just minutes before registering for that service, and you can review the same product a number of times. I'm working on it and i've already made 300 dollars in 2 days! thats 150 dollars a day! I'm planning to do that everyday this month and see if they pay the magic figure of around 4000 dollars for reviews that i'm expecting to finish off this month. I recieved my last month's payment – a mere 30 dollars. Lets see if they pay this time.

    Actually, some new services that have popped up do not make a quality check on the blogs they accept, so its easy to fool them by creating several "made for paid to blog services" (similar to MFAs)and using them to rip off money from these services. Lets see if i can contribute in making these services go bankrupt 🙂

  9. I think Sponsored Reviews is somewhat amusing, but not necessarily in a good way. It takes advertisers weeks to approve or decline a bid. Review Me I have enjoyed and I am just starting with pay per post, so we'll see how it goes

  10. I’ve been using paid post sites like payperpost and linkworth for a while. I have a relatively small blog that helps military members with their finances. I only try to find relative advertisements and payperpost requires/allows you to have full disclosure.

    A lot of stay-at-home spouses have blogs and would like to know about making money online. I would like to know if we could exchange links, thanks.

    Brandon J
    Money for Military

  11. I personally do not and will never use a paid post network. It is my personal belief that what is said on a blog should be left to the content writer's ultimate discretion, not influenced by a measly $5 payout from something like PayPerPost. Then again, as someone who does not make a large share of his revenue directly from his blog, my opinion on this may be somewhat skewed.


  12. Has anybody ever heard of! I signed up a few days ago…this place is off the hook!

    They deal with heavy volumes of advertisers which other companies don't do, and thus end up paying we bloggers more. Pretty simple concept.

    I don't get any referral points or anything like that for this…I'm just being honest and trying to help people out. We can always use some extra cash, especially right now – can we not?

    I just thought it's a quick, and easy way to make some quick cash…and its legit. So, if you have a blog, sign up. They pay within a couple days via Paypal.

  13. Blogging is really a great way to earn money. It is not just a fulfillment of your writing urges, but your posts can generate traffic and help you create money. Thank you for posting!

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