Getting Paid to Review Products and Services

Everyone knows that one of the most powerful methods for generating sales and leads is through user reviews. Now a days everyone is jumping online to search for customer feedback, reviews and even coupon codes and discounts before actually buying a product in store or even online. The use of review based web sites will always have value online, and being able to create quality user generated content and reviews will also be key.

One site that has made a name for themselves in the review and content generation niche is Ukritic. The concept behind their site is to reward you for your time, effort and opinions on services and products that you can review through their site. How many times have you read the reviews on All of those comments and feedback have built Amazon into the power house they are today, but no one got anything back in exchange for their comments and feedback. This is what Ukritic wants to change.

“61% of people now rely on user reviews before making a purchase decision”~ Paraphrased, src: Razorfish, 2008

Every day millions of people go online to look for reviews, and one of the best ways to get people active on placing quality reviews and feedback on products and services, is to reward them… specifically with money. We all know that review sites make a ton of money, but starting one from scratch and building it into anything substantial would take a ton of time and investment money. The next best solution is to get active on a site like Ukritic and become a power reviewer. You won’t get rich, but if you enjoy writing reviews and sharing your opinion, it’s a great way to make some extra money on the side.

How Ukritic Works

One of the best ways to build a sustainable and reliable business online is to learn from how others are succeeding. Ukritic knows there is big money in the review business, but getting people to take action and actually building up a large directory of content is never easy. Through the power of incentivization, rewards and affiliate marketing, Ukritic has built a power house web site that not only makes good money, but provides a quality review service for every day internet users and customers as well.

You can see a breakdown of the Ukritic user content and reward process below.

The reason why Ukritic works, is that while many of us will find the concept of writing user reviews to be very boring, many others love it! As a web site, you only need to have a small army of die hard fans and users who are dedicated to spreading the word and creating quality content for your site. Also, the incentivization and potential to earn money is also a huge bonus.

The question you are all asking… of course is how Ukritic and their users actually make money. We are all familiar with affiliate marketing, and the use of Amazon’s associate program and Google Adsense, and so is Ukritic. Both of these advertising and commission generating methods are put into place on their site, which they then track and share revenue with the users who are writing reviews about products and services on their site. If you write a really killer review on a product, then it ranks well in the search results, you could end up with some nice long term revenue from that one review.

The concept is pretty simple and works quite well for Ukritic and their members. In the screenshot about you will see a review written by Jackie Gay (bio on bottom right). The review is written for the Michael Kors Watch, and if you click on the watch or the “See It Here” button, it would send you over to Amazon where you can buy it, then Ukritic and their writers/reviewers would earn a commission on each sale. You will also notice the occasional Google Adsense spots through out their site.

There are thousands of reviews like the one above, in a ton of different categories through If you would like to learn how to make money online by creating your own review and content generation web site or simply like to enjoy writing reviews and would like to get paid for it, Ukritic is worth a look.

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  1. Reviewing products and services can be easy if you know and understand what the product or service is. Being paid is actually a good news to us and I love to join this kind of job if given an opportunity.
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  2. That's an awesome idea to earn money online by reviewing products. I agree that most of the people including me first look for review before buying any product. And by sharing our true experience we're helping other people plus can earn some money.
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  3. My only concern will be WHY share the revenue?

    Your doing all the work by Writing your own review… why not just throw in your own banner/ads it only takes a few minutes.

    It just seems your doing all the leg work and only taking a cut. It will be different if Ukritic will write the review for you.

    There’s amazon wodpress plugs that will insert the amazon product for you.

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  4. I never put much stock in Reviews or Testimonials always
    feel like they are fixed or paid for !
    You articles are always great & i get a lot infr. out of them,like the one today_ Just do it !

  5. I have not done any product review as they need to be tested before writing about it,mostly i preferred with paid writing which help me to see some penny

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