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Written by Zac Johnson
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Domain buying can be quite addictive. I have some ridiculous amount of domains… somewhere in the area of 200 various domains… yet I only focus on a select few network sites! Many of them are spur of the moment buys. Either a good domain name I thought of and wanted to grab, or they were for an idea I had, but didn’t get around to developing them into sites. If you are going to house a lot of domains, you need to make sure you have a great domain registrar and not a crappy one like RegisterFly!

Right now I have nearly all of my domains spread across GoDaddy and eNom. I personally love and prefer GoDaddy and have roughly 150+ domains with them at the moment. One of my favorite features is the ease of picking up new .info domains and using them as auto forwards for testing with new campaigns. Not only are they cheap, but you can also get some nice keyword domains still!

With so many domains, registration and renewal costs really add up quickly. I love coupon codes, with a simple copy and paste you can instantly save you a few bucks! GoDaddy has some great coupon codes and promotions that come around once in a while. Instead of having to search around all the time, I came across a great coupon site at DealTaker, which features a nice set of GoDaddy coupons and updates them often. If you aren’t already, start buying domains through GoDaddy and save with these free coupon codes. I have listed the most recent coupon codes available through DealTaker below:

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10 Replies to “GoDaddy Coupons”

  1. I am also a goDaddy user, they are good and easy to setu, just too much offers given when i don't need them..

  2. I was the one of those who user Registerfly… Lost some domains with them, messed up some domains, you know there was big saga on start of this year… But then all my domains was moved to GoDaddy, the only thing I dont like there is that I can't use Egold for purchases.

  3. I would highly recommend staying away from GoDaddy. For a lot of reason new users go there and never leave. However a few experiences with their CS team and I moved over 100 domains. Check out forums like DNF and they will say similar things.

  4. I can not say good things about godaddy… there RENEWAL fees are very high, there customer service is unresponsive. They just "took" $52 from my paypal account over one month ago to renew names I did not have on autorenewal, and I still haven´t gotten my money. Stay away!

  5. I wish I had found this post before I registered my recent group of domains.

    GoDaddy's great. Parson's blog is always interesting as well.

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