GoDaddy is Down… HostGator Coupon for 1 Cent Hosting!

Written by Zac Johnson
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No matter what, whenever something bad happens to GoDaddy, the whole world seems to know about it. After all they already host over 53 million domains, but I’m sure that number is bound to drop after the recent attack and hacking that shut their network and millions of domains across the internet down this week.

The same thing can be said the last time that GoDaddy did something stupid, which was when they boasted about how their CEO at the time went to Africa and killed a bunch of elephants. NameCheap took advantage of the situation and offered a great promotion that resulted in over 20,000 new domains and customers leaving GoDaddy and moving over to NameCheap.

This time HostGator is the one who is taking advantage of GoDaddy’s mess.

When you sign up for new hosting account you will get a insane discount from HostGator in the 99% off range!

Here’s how to take advantage of GoDaddy’s error and HostGator’s mega promotion.

The first thing you will need to do is visit HostGator, then click on any of their hosting pages and then REGISTER a new domain or TRANSFER if you are currently setup with hosting elsewhere. The next important part is to add “ZACJOHNSON25” in the coupon section.

NOTE: The “GODADDYISDOWN” coupon is now expired. Used “ZACJOHNSON25” to get your first month of hosting for only $3.71!

Next you will just need to select your web hosting package and fill in your personal details. I recommend going with the BABY package for 6 MONTHS of hosting, as this will give you 99% off their normal price. Instead of paying $59.70, you will only have to pay 1 cent!

NOTE: The “GODADDYISDOWN” coupon is now expired. Used “ZACJOHNSON25” to get your first month of hosting for only $3.71!

Once you sign up, send me an email through my contact form along with your order details and I will set your blog up and provide you with over $100 worth of premium wordpress themes and much more!

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26 Replies to “GoDaddy is Down… HostGator Coupon for 1 Cent Hosting!”

      1. Hey Zac, I want to start blogging and sign up with the 6 month plan using your link and using the “Godaddyisdown” coupon.

        There’s a problem though, the coupon isn’t working.

        If you could, can you help me investigate as to why the coupon isn’t working.

        I am currently waiting on the phone with a Host Gator representative.

        Please let me know if anything comes up on your end.

        Thanks bro.

  1. Bravo. Perfectly set up email drove me here and this post is very convincing (you're great at this). And what could possibly be in it for you at $0.01 per sale referred 🙂
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  2. It seems that it is nothing new. Is it? They already provide $0.01 hosting for first month. It is not for 6 months, or I am doing something wrong?

  3. I thought the same and bought it but it charged me $59.7. Later I contacted customer care and they told me that they don't have any 6month plan and 'The details of that coupon are that you get 6 months free if you purchase a year or more in advance'. So I asked my money back and without any question they did it.

    1. Not sure why there was a problem. You can see in the screenshot that they have the 6 month option and how the coupon offers it from nearly $60 to .01 cent.

  4. OMG, i will buy some domains just now!!
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  5. Godaddy push balls into hand of host gator and this is nice time to take much advantages with attractive offers.

  6. I can not get voucher discount. They say voucher discount = $0
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  7. I can not get voucher discount. They say voucher discount = $0
    My recent post Does the money grow on a tree?

  8. ZACJOHNSON & ZACJOHNSON25 gives just 9.95$ or 25% off the above screenshot kind of discounts are not working, Actually I needed a Baby or business plan for a year or so, as I am fed up with GD's regular downtimes & sucking support.

  9. You know not to burst anyone's bubble hear but anyone can do those screen shots that he has on this blog that are supposedly "GoDaddy's." There is software where you can make fake clickbank screen shots and everything. He just wants his commission through his affiliate link. He's lying! Don't pay attention to this bogus coupon deal because I called them and there was never a .01 cent coupon for 6 months – period. I spoke with the owner.

    1. The "godaddyisdown" coupon code was available for 24 hours and a ton of people signed up for the promotion as well. The coupon code also didn't pay a commission. This was a good offer so I blogged about it. No "big surprises" here… next time do better research.

    1. I know HostGator will allow you to register domains when you are setting up a hosting account, I haven't used them for domain registration though. I use NameCheap for domain registrations.

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