Goodbye Wolf

I still can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but my best friend and the sweetest dog in the world, Wolf has just passed away. Seems like just yesterday she came slowly walking into my office room at my parents house after my dad bought her as a present for my mom. Now, the unthinkable has happened and what seems to be out of no where. It still doesn’t seem real.

What started out as an ordinary checkup, turned into a nightmare and miracle at the same time. A little over two weeks ago Wolf had a checkup, which included a blood test. The results came back and said she needed immediate attention to check her blood levels. Wolf was rushed to the emergency hospital and ended up staying a few days. Her blood levels were of great concern. Levels that should have been above 150,000, were below 20,000. The hardest part through all of this, was that on the outside Wolf was perfect as ever and seemed like nothing was wrong. Wolf would stay in the hospital for a few days, where we would visit her every night, and even brought up Timber (her best friend and sister) to see her one time. All of Wolf’s levels finally came back (above 50,000) and it was like a christmas miracle, Wolf was coming home! We never would have known about Wolf’s troubles inside her body if we didn’t happen to have that recent checkup and blood test.

The whole time she was at the hospital, she was always top priority and on our minds. It was great to have Wolf back home again, especially in time for the holidays. Yesterday my parents noticed Wolf just wasn’t acting right and brought her back up to the emergency animal hospital. All of the best doctors were in and Wolf got the care she needed. The latest report this morning was that her bone marrow test went well, she was eating and actually howling a bit.

It wasn’t til around noon when my parents called to give me the news that Wolf had passed. Completely unexpected, but always a horrible possibility in my mind. The doctors called my parents and said she was having trouble breathing, not acting normal at all and just wanted to confirm any “non resuscitate”ƂĀ  terms we had. A few minutes later and the doctor called again, this time with the sad news that Wolf had passed. It may have been cancer, the blood levels, all of the medicine, but we did everything would could to give Wolf the best care and treatment possible. In the end, it was all just too much on Wolf, and now she is in peace.

Wolf, you will be missed by everyone!
July 24, 1999 – December 24, 2009

Appreciate EVERYTHING this holiday.

I will leave you with a few pictures of Wolf.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. She looks like my dog Max, and I would be heartbroken if that had happened to him, too. Her best friend will miss her, that's for sure.

  2. A dog is :-

    – just a dog

    – just an animal which we fed

    – just a living toy we can have a little fun with when we are bored

    – just a pooping machine that dirties the house and destroy our furniture

    – just a noisy howling animal that disturbs our neighbour when left alone

    – just a pushy little beast that always disturbs us for a walk when we are actually busy with our work or even watching TV.

    – just another expense in our household

    This is what I thought when I have my dog Pepper, a mini schnauzer.

    Though he used to be as what I stated above, but whenever I go out for work or appointments, I'll be thinking of coming home as soon as possible so that I can play tug of war with him and playing fetch till he's exhausted and lay on my lap to rest.

    When he passed, I cried for over a week, something I never expect myself to do, especially when I'm known to be very stern with him too. Every turn of the corner, every look at his toys, even when hearing some dogs bark, I'll think of him.

    Now that he's gone too, everything seems so different and the thought of getting another pet never cross my mind at all, because really, you just can never replace another of your family member…

    My condolences to you and your family, Zac, at least you have a blog to express your feelings now, compared to my time when I can only sit at a corner and weep in silence. Be strong and be good.

    Have a Merry X'mas though …

  3. She was so cute. I'm sorry to hear that. Don't have to feel sorry for writing the post, we're all humans and we also have cats, dogs and other pets we enjoy spending time with…

  4. Hi Zac

    I am sorry you have lost a member of your family. They become so dear to us that it seems sometimes impossible to think about them passing on.

    It looks like Wolf had a very happy life from the photos you have put on your blog and it is obvious that he was truly loved. She would have known that.

    Condolences Zac at this sad time.


  5. So sorry to hear this Zac. I've been through this with a number of pets since I was a teenager. It never gets easy.

  6. Hey man,

    yeah i know how that feels. :-/. i have 2 pups and one is 13 yrs old. Irish setter and golden retriver that is 1+ yr. and Wolf looked great. and am sorry for your loss… reminds me of Marley and me movie…

  7. Sorry to read that, Zac. Hopefully Wolf is now on dog's heaven, resting in peace.

    Although it's not the best time to say that, Merry Christmas, enjoy as much as you possibly can.

  8. So sorry to hear that Zac, but better to have experienced having the dog than never having it at all. Looked like a great dog, and just be sure to think of the happy times.

  9. Hi Zac,

    Sorry to hear about your loss of a beloved pet. I have had to say goodbye to a Yellow Labrador to cancer and heart disease, and our family springer-spaniel.

    Your photos say it all… a wonderful companion! We waited about six-months and then received a toy poodle, who continues to charm us with her antics.

    Blessings to you and your family for Christmas!


    Nicholas Chase – "the video guy", from BlogWorld Expo 2008.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear that. We lost our dog Jax in October suddenly from a heart or brain defect at the age of 6. I totally understand what your going through. Our dogs are parts of our families, we morn them just the same.

  11. My sincere condolences with the passing of your trusted pet and companion, Zac. Rest In Peace, Wolf.

  12. So sorry to read about your loss. I'm not an animal person, but I do see how attached people can become to their pets. Our girls would be a wreck if anything ever happened to our little dog.

  13. "I am so sorry Zac! Dogs are family members and losing them hurts as much as losing a person."

    How right you are, Debby. How right you are.

    My condolences, Zac.

    R.I.P Wolf


  14. Sorry to hear about your loss. Your pictures are there to help you remember the good times and how pets touch us all. Yours was a great looking dog

  15. Zac, sorry to hear about your loss, judging from the photos Wolf looked like a great friend to have, she looked like she was really cool too.

    Till then,


  16. Yesterday I was waiting for the bus and this woman came with a dog that looked exactly like a wolf. It was really beautiful and I almost started to wonder if it was a wolf.

  17. My heart goes out to you Zac. Losing a loved pet is a very sad event. I'm sure you developed quite a bond with Wolf. Just think back to all the good memories that you shared.

  18. Sad šŸ™ I'm the worst when it comes to change, in the sense of a person passing or leaving… I hate it.

    And the fact that I love dogs makes it worse, I dread the day my dog Molly passes.

    My condolences and wish you the best!

    Btw no fair! this post brought tears to my eyes šŸ™‚

    Love dogs.

  19. Sorry for your Wolf, it really looked like a wonderful dog! I hope 2010 will bring you joy…

  20. I love dogs, this is the most loyal friends in the world .. at these photos it looks so beautiful and cheerful … I am very sorry that he died.

  21. Sorry to read about your loss. It's hard to understand the depth of feeling coming from the loss of your dog. We've had cats, birds and other animals pass over the years, but until we lost our Australian Shepard Rockie last year to a freak accident, I didn't understand the impact the loss of a dog would have on the whole family. I hope your other dog(s) are able to adjust as well.

  22. Sorry for your Wolf, it really looked like a wonderful dog! I hope 2010 will bring you joy…

  23. I’m so sorry to hear that. We lost our dog Jax in October suddenly from a heart or brain defect at the age of 6. I totally understand what your going through. Our dogs are parts of our families, we morn them just the same.

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