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Google Adsense… coming to a video near you soon! Today I received an email from "Inside Adsense" on their announcement to start releasing AdSense to web sites offering videos. Unfortunately right now they are only testing with a small select group of partners.

Google Adsense already offers text ads, graphic ads and they also show video ads in place of the image ads sometimes. Confused already on what the new video AdSense will offer? Here’s a quick explanation Google had to offer on each:

We know there’s a lot going on in the world of video, and you may be wondering how this relates to other video initiatives we’ve announced in AdSense. Here’s a brief clarification:

  • Click-to-play video ads: This is a video ad type on our content network. Any publisher opted into image ads and using one of the supported formats may see these click-to-play video ads on their sites.
  • AdSense video distribution and sponsorship: We ran 2 pilots that allowed publishers to choose video channels (short-form video clips bundled with video ads) to display on their sites.
  • In-stream video ads pilot: This is what we’re announcing today – we’re extending AdSense to online video content. Publishers in this test will be able to define at what point in their videos that streaming video ads will appear.

Since Google is only testing with a select group of partners, I’m sure it won’t be long before they have video AdSense spread throughout Google Video and YouTube. It will be interesting to see when the program is released to the public and what type of earnings we might see.

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  1. It will be cool to see what the video Adsense looks sure it’ll be awesome…especially since its from Google !!

  2. This is great. I get so annoyed with websites that have video or audio on auto-play. I was thinking I'd love video ads on my site, but I don't want to have them just start going when the page loads. So I love that they've already included the click-to-play option. I haven't seen any yet, so I hope they become more popular. I guess this new announcement means I'll have to give in and start making some videos.


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