Google and Performics and SEO…Oh My!

As webmasters and bloggers we have enough to keep up busy and to worry about. Usually link building and working on search engine listings are two of our biggest priorities. Lately I have been working a bit with Text-Link-Ads and PayPerPost to see what type of opportunities are out there. Text-Link-Ads is nice because of their easy to navigate setup and your links are usually in place within 24 hours, or by the end of the day! Not to mention you can click here and get a cool $100 of your first ad buy! PayPerPost has also been interesting, offering a wide variety of bloggers to write reviews on your web site or product. For now I am happy with the results from both of these companies, as in setting up and establishing links/reviews.

We can easily setup ad buys for sites like Text-Link-Ads and PayPerPost, but what about regular search engine listings?… I came across a post today about how Google’s recent purchase of DoubleClick, will now bring Performics into play with SEO. The interesting dilemma here is that Google results have always been known to be based off their algorithm and pretty much fair, being based off content and site power. What will happen once Google is running in partnership (or competition) with a company it owns? Will Google sell off Performics separately to avoid the situation? You can refer to the full post here, and feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

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