Google Broadband & John Chow’s Last Post

Every year the same thing happens. You start to read a really interesting article or web site with some astonishing news that just seems too good to be true. Usually you will come across these articles on March 31st… or April 1st. I’ve been online for a couple hours now, just working on some new pages and have already come across a few of these. The two highlighting ones so far have been:

New! Get FREE breakthrough broadband with Google TiSP (BETA).

We already know how tight Google is on what they will post on their main page. It took them plenty of time before even posting their "Videos" link on the main page. I actually first came across the Google spoof through one of the forums I often visit. I then went to Google and checked out the site. While the first page or so is quite convincing, it’s not till the second page where you start to get the feeling something is going on. Visit the site and see how Google Broadband installation setup is done through the piping of your toilet bowl. More trickery from the wonderful Google… here are some of their past spoof as well. Google Romance,Google Gulp,Google Lunar Job,Google Pigeon Rank, and Google Mental Plex… Be ready next year at this time to see what they pull next!

My Last Blog Post – March 31st, 2007 by John Chow.

I check out John Chow’s blog site usually once or twice a day. When I came across his blog this morning and read his post that he had sold his TTZ Company for millions I was a bit surprise… once again forgetting at first it was April Fools Day again! John went on to mention that he would leave the daily posting to his friends, while he would be living off his interest (from his massive sale) and traveling the world with his family. Sounds like a good plan! Looking forward to his next post tomorrow about his evil posting and how he fooled soo many!

Don’t expect to find any April Fools Day pranks on…. anyway, I’m headed off to go play basketball and dunk on everyone! 😛

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