Google Page Rank and the Speed of Your Site

Written by Zac Johnson
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Remember when you started your first web site or blog and couldn’t wait for that next Google update so you could finally have a Google Page Rank score of your own? It’s always an exciting time for any web site owner, and earning a Page Rank is very important for how your web site will continue to rank in the search engines. Did you also know that the speed of your web site has a lot of influence on your search rankings and page rank score? It’s true!

An awesome infographic that was created to show the importance of page speed and comparisons among top web sites and marketing services below states “Google recognizes the faster pace we all crave. In April 2010, Google officially identified page load time as a key criteria in its Page Rank system and in March of this year provided a detailed tool, Page Speed, to help identify the extra baggage (aka JavaScript) that slows us down.”

Before looking over the Google Page Rank Race infographic below, be be aware of the following points for your web site, when looking for improving your overall speed and search rankings.

  • The longer it takes to your page to load, the lower rank your page receives.
  • Higher Page Rank = More Google Traffic.
  • More Concise Code = Faster and more pleasant browsing experience.
  • Javascript can greatly slow down the speed and performance of your web site.

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15 Replies to “Google Page Rank and the Speed of Your Site”

  1. Hi,

    Nice and perfect info about load time of page and it's very true we should maintain our site too carefully because whenever visitors come on that then site shouldn't take too much time for open. Beside that you mentioned very well which all things we should do for our site for get good page rank.
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  2. I Love Google. It always brings people surprises every time it has updates. Thanks for sharing another wonderful idea on Google page rank and it's speed test level.
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  3. Great infographic! Your web hosting specs play an important role too when it comes to the speed of your website.
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  4. This is slightly misleading – Google’s Page Rank has noting to do with “ranking on the page” (ie search results page). Page speed IS a factor in terms of SERP ranking, but it has nothing to do with Page Rank. Look at any result page of a search – you’ll see lower PR pages ranking higher than higher PR pages all the time. There is no correlation between PR and Ranking position. So “higher page rank = more google traffic” is VERY misleading.

  5. You really gotta watch out for those javascripts in <head>. I recently bought a theme that was loading a dozen different javascript files.
    If you have to have jquery ui etc make sure you are using minified version of a script. It also helps to put all common javascript code together in one file.
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  6. So if I add the Google+ and the Google Analytics javascript code to my website, it will be slower and it may affects its ranking… that's dumb.
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    1. One would think that is stupid, but would also think that Google would have the fastest loading javascript codes out there. So I wouldn't think the Google ones are much of an issue.

  7. Hi Zac,

    So interesting infographic about an important raking factor from Google.

    Infolinks better in speed than Kontera, a data to have in mind 🙂

    I'd add also that affect the PR: the use of cache plugins like W3TC and caching systems like Cloudflare.

    I wonder, toolbars like HelloBar and Viperbar how is better in terms of speed.



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    1. Its always interesting to see what might be slowing down your web site. A good test would be doing speed tests with Kontera on a version, then change over to InfoLinks and compare results.

  8. Pretty amazing for sure. Definelty need to minimize your javascript and http requests. But I am looking for a way to evaluate the performance of my websites. I am not really sure how to do this. I currently use webmaster tools to see how fast the pages load, but I am looking for something better. Any ideas? I am losing the love for shared web hosting and am now looking at VPS, dedicated or clouds as an alternative? Any ideas to makes our sites scream off the server, in addition to making the code clean and optimized…

  9. Yeah! This is very important. I have installed the total cache plugin into my blog and I have also minimized the use of images.

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  10. What a brilliant post. You should do a series! :)I did a sort of blogging for dummies over on one of the craft forums and I thought it was too simple for them, but the amount of emails I got asking questions just like what you addressed was unbelievable. As young people today we have grown up with computers, but it’s easy to forget that even people just a few years older have not! Really good post! 🙂

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