Google SEO Trends To Rank Higher In Search Engines in 2021

Written by Zac Johnson
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Ranking at the top of Google is one of the most common goals for site owners, bloggers and businesses online. Not only is it one of the highest priorities, it’s also one of the most complicated things to master — and with Google continually changing their algorithm all the time, this only makes it harder to accomplish.

However, thanks to there being plenty of SEO sites and resources online, news is always breaking with new updates and algorithm changes take place.

And even with updates to Google’s algorithm being made from time to time, having a solid and effective SEO strategy is still one of the best ways to see improved results day after day.

As an SEO professional or site owner, you must be looking for recent Google updates and trends that can help you to get higher rankings in search engines for your websites in 2021.

5 Top Google SEO Trends to Rank Higher in the Search Engines in 2021

Having said everything mentioned above, it’s now time to cover some of the most important talking points and trends in SEO that matter today.

In this article, I will give a short overview of Google SEO trends 2021 that will surely help you update your client’s website to rank higher in search engines.

Let’s get started!

Focusing on user and search intent

Creating and providing content according to the user intent can be the key factor in higher rankings.

According to Google updates in 2020, it was observed that websites with better and updated search intent ranked higher after the algorithm update.

If you are looking to win at SEO in 2021, providing users with quality information can create a win-win situation for you. And as we all know, content creation is one of the very basic and simple foundations for ranking in Google.

According to SEO Brisbane, “The better the quality of content you create the better. But, it’s also important to make sure you have engaging content with more than 1,000-words per article, and are also adding visuals and video whenever possible.

In 2021, SEO experts who can truly meet the needs of a searcher will succeed.

Hence, Google will be even better at knowing when people are looking for expert advice and will rank those articles above articles written by writers who lack E-A-T.

Core Web Vitals As Google Ranking Factor in 2021

In the 2020 Update, Google introduced three new factors called Core Web Vitals collectively.

What is the purpose of these metrics?

Loading, Interactivity, and visual stability refer to a better user experience.

In simple words, Core web Vitals mean page speed. Now, Google will also monitor how fast your website page loads and give ranking on its basis.

For example, two pages are competing on the same keyword with almost equal content coverage, and then core web vitals will help Google bots decide which one should be ranked.

So, as an SEO professional, if you want to get a higher ranking and revenue in 2021, you must take page speed as a priority.

Google only wants Original Content.

Think for a minute, would you like to buy a mobile with the same specifications you already have? Of course not, because you will aim to find a new one with better specifications and software updates.

That’s what Google wants from you.

  • Why will Google rate a piece of content that is somewhat close to existing content already ranked on the web higher than the original piece?
  • Why does anyone bother looking beyond the top-ranked results?
  • Will Google rank your content above articles that are currently ranking?

A great way to answer these questions and also monitor your results as positions and keywords change all the time, is through the use of a SERP checker tool like the one offered by Zutrix.

As a result, the content must be genuine, helpful, and beneficial for users, and by having a tracking solution in place, you can also monitor what type of content creation ranks and performs best.

Google Voice Search

According to a recent study, almost 27% of the global population uses the Google voice search option for their queries.

Most of the queries are long-tail and specific.

So, in 2021 SEO professionals need to take this into their notice and update their content according to the voice search.

Voice search optimization is still growing, and shortly more people will opt for it.

Hence, this could be the necessary item in terms of SEO in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is transforming the SEO and marketing sector in the same way as evolving the rest of the world.

The explanation for AI’s effect is the originality that it offers.

Here’s a simple reality: Google uses AI to serve searchers with the information they want.

You might be wondering how AI can contribute to SEO strategies?

It takes years to learn how search engines rate web pages.

And then, developing appropriate plans requires a significant amount of time.

Though SEO professionals may assist with certain techniques, AI and machine learning can be game-changers.

It will be much more effective and effective in terms of manipulating algorithms and developing practical approaches.

Final Verdict on What Matters Most in SEO During 2021

The following trends must be kept in mind to achieve a better ranking and revenue in 2021 and the years to come.

Keeping up with these trends will boost your website’s traffic.

Thank you for reading this article.

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