Graduation Time!

My girlfriend Reena graduated from Rutgers University yesterday with a degree in Psychology, with HIGH HONORS I might add! 🙂 Seems like it was just yesterday that I was helping her first move into the dorm. I personally only attended a local community college for a semester and didn’t feel they had much to offer me. At that point I was already making money online for a few years now and was dedicated to my business venture. Over the past four years I made my way up to Rutgers several times a week to meet up with Reena, and she would usually come back on the weekends. Though I didn’t go to college myself, it was great to experience with her what it would have been like, I even went to a few classes with her! 😛 Congratulations Reena, you’re the best! (then my sister graduations high school next month!)

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  1. congratulation to your girlfriend and Zac, you can make money online so attending college isn't really matter, right?

  2. Are your girlfriend an Indian. She is really cute and Congrats to her graduation.

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