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I always stress how important networking is to your personal and business growth. I would not be where I am at today if I didn’t make the sporadic decision to attend CJU 2000 in California with my father. This was my first big networking event and gave me a ton of new contacts to work with. From CJU I went on to meet a lot of influential people and make some very good friends. These friends would also lead me to Affiliate Force, which would soon become Affiliate Summit… what is now one of the largest affiliate networking events. Today I wanted to make a list of some of my good friends and their blogs, along with some other great blogs that I visit daily and this you would find useful.

Affiliate Tips by Ola Edvardsson
Unfortunately Ola does not focus or update his blog site anymore, but I had to give props where due. At my first CJU event I went to talk to Ola after his presentation and he took the time to listen to a teenagers story and aspirations for making money online. Since talking with Ola that day we have been great friends since. Ola has also been a speaker at many other events as well, including Affiliate Summit. If you are starting out online are are lucky enough to find someone like Ola Edvardsson when you are starting out, you are golden!

Affiliate Tip Blog by Shawn Collins
I’ve known Shawn for a while now and even went to a bbq at his house a couple years ago. He is also lives in NJ, just like me. Shawn is one of the most well known affiliate marketers/managers in the business. After spending a lot of time working with, he decided to start working on AffiliateSummit full time. On Shawn’s blog he discusses what’s new with Affiliate Summit, his visits to conferences and any other important industry news and opinions he may have to offer.

Marketing Ideas Online by Jim Kukral
I first met Jim through AffiliateForce/AffiliateSummit and we have been good friends ever since. Jim was recently awarded “Blogger of the Year” at the last Affiliate Summit West conference. Through Jim’s blog you will read about all many different web site projects and what else is going on in the industry. You may even find a few ways to cut some costs with his web hosting discounts and marketing ideas.

Make Money with John Chow dot Com
While I don’t know John Chow personally (yet), I wanted to make sure others knew about his site as well. John has one of the fastest growing money making blogs and has some very useful information on the site. In addition to his many reviews on web sites, best programs to make money with and cool wordpress tools, you will also find he has a quality selection of posts on fine dining and cars!

There are many other quality blogs online, but these have been a few of my favorites! Enjoy!

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