Best Marketing Methods to Grow Your IG Following

Written by Zac Johnson
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You can build a loyal audience on Instagram and use it for visual marketing for your brand. More than 500 million people use Instagram every day, giving it some of the highest engagement levels.

Individuals and brands are shifting their decisions to social media thanks to the 3.5 billion people using social media. And as more people continue to use the social platform to engage with different audiences around the world, there is now also a huge demand for increasing Instagram followers on accounts of all types and sizes.

However, you can use your Instagram profile in both the right and wrong ways and clever ways, as with any social network.

Here’s a guide on how you can grow your Instagram following in 2022. Instagram is one of the world’s largest social media platforms.

The Many Benefits of Instagram Marketing in 2022

The visual nature of Instagram makes it a preferred social media platform over others. Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase content that shows off your product or service in an easily noticeable way.

Whether you post videos, images, or illustrations to this platform depends on your marketing strategy, not on its content type.

Setting goals and keeping your audience in mind before jumping into new social platforms is vital, regardless of how well they function for others.

This post will provide tips and tricks for increasing your Instagram following and getting more Instagram engagement. Let’s get started.

1. Identify the target audience.

Before you begin marketing on Instagram, determine who you want to reach. Keep your marketing efforts consistent by drawing from your other marketing strategies.

You should keep in mind factors such as age, location, gender, revenue, interests, and motivations. Not sure where to begin? Follow relevant hashtags during popular events.

You can view who’s using the hashtags and engaging with them. Additionally, you can view your competitors’ followers. It is easy to understand who your target market is on Instagram.

2. Interact with other profiles.

Would it be possible to attend a party only to talk about yourself? It happens to all of us sometimes.

As you would not show up at a party and only talk about yourself if you were only focused on what your feed looked like, how many likes you have, and what type of stories you were posting, posting on Instagram is the same.

And this isn’t happening on just a personal and one-to-one basis, it’s quite global and very corporate as well. Many of the world’s top fashion brands are now working with influencers to make sure they are getting the coverage and exposure they needs on social media.

It’s not just about promoting your stuff on social media. It’s about building your community and connecting with them. This is why engagement is so important.

3. Utilize Instagram Stories.

The initial purpose of Instagram was to share pictures, but it has since evolved into much more than that. Each day, 500+ million new stories are added to Instagram.

Instagram stories are meant to allow you to share life moments quickly and easily. The fact that all stories are displayed on the lid of the Instagram feed without prepayment or post promotion makes this so attractive.

Though stories only stay for 24 hours, they have a much greater impact when pinned in the highlights of a page, where your visitors can continually view them.

The story can be told using photos, but if you’d like it to be more engaging, you should try making it into a video. You can use different tools if you cannot create or edit videos.

4. Strategize hashtags.

It is very important to use hashtags on Instagram. You can easily find new followers and increase your engagement by using hashtags.

It’s far more important to use quality hashtags than quantity in your post. Find the perfect hashtags for your brand using the Instagram search function. To get started, enter a keyword that fits your niche.

You can also look through these related hashtags to find hashtags that could be good fits for your brand after searching for a hashtag. Using these hashtags will help more accounts find you in your posts.

Instagram Marketing Summary

It may be most important for you to stop viewing them as followers and start viewing them as members of your community if you want to expand your following on Instagram.

Despite sounds like a strange statement, it’s the truth. It becomes much easier to manage when you realize social media is a community, not a competition.

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