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Written by Zac Johnson
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Everyone needs original content and everyone needs backlinks to their site. Some people are better at writing content then building backlinks. We all know that guest blogging has been exploding like crazy and it’s become a full time job for many to get their original content out there and build out those juicy backlinks. At the same time it’s also become quite a task for site owners to actually moderate and decide on what guest post content is worthy to be posted on their site. The best way to generate real quality content for your site (besides writing it yourself) is to actually know who you are working with and build a beneficial relationship.

This is the goal behind, a community for site owners and writers to connect with each other and form new relationships. There are plenty benefits to guest blogging, which includes the content writer getting a link back to their site and the site owner getting original content for their site at no cost. Through Guest Crew you can join their forum and connect with writers and site owners that match well with your current writing styles and audience.

Free Guest Articles

There are plenty of sites out there when it comes to connecting guest bloggers and site owners together, but many of them will cost you money or earn a commission on each article placed. Guest Crew has taken a different approach and are offering their community and marketplace free to all who are interested.

Guest Crew Guest Blogging Community

The signup process is quite simple and quick. After you confirm your email you will have full access to their forum-like interface. If you are a blog owner you can browse through the article gallery to see what articles are available for you to place on your site. Each article will be completely original and will not be reproduced on any other sites. Through the site you can connect with the original writer of the article and have them authorize it’s usage on your site.

If you are a writer and submitting content to Guest Crew for other sites, you can do so through their site. Site owners can post original content found on Guest Crew to their site at no cost, however writers who submit their content will have to pay a placement fee of $1 per article, which is really nothing at all considering the time and annoyances it usually takes to find sites to post content.

Viewing Articles through Guest Crew

When it comes time for you to browse through the article gallery you will find various articles to choose from. All articles will range in length and quality, but when you are looking through the site you will see many articles in the 800 word range. To save time you can sort by category and view the title, short description, tags, notes and excerpts from articles posted on the site.

Guest Crew Articles Directory

Even with a wide range of articles available for you to choose from, there is still a chance that you have a specific niche site that required a different type of article. For times like these you can use the article requests gallery and post your requested article topic and one of the community members will get back to you with an article that fits your needs.

Easy to Win $500 Kickoff Contest

We all know that every web site and community is only as powerful as the group of members and people who use it. Guest Crew is currently throwing a $500 kick off contest to help spread awareness about their site and bring in as many quality site owners and content writers as possible.

GuestCrew Contest

The contest is quite easy to enter and your chances of winning one of the top prizes is actually very high. All you need to do is write a blog post on your site about Guest Crew and their contest. Once your post is live on your site you then just need to get others to read and promote it for you. It’s really that simple! The contest runs until the end of the month, but you have until August 15 to promote your posts. You can read the contest forum thread for more detailed information.

So whether you are looking to generate new content for your site or write content for other sites and gain backlinks, Guest Crew is another resource for you to add to your guest blogging arsenal.

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7 Replies to “Guest Crew – Community of Guest Bloggers & Site Owners”

  1. HI Zac, as we noticed already this blog is quite promoted online now – i am registered there but still researching, no article was uploaded as of yet, but i will write and put it on that gallery this days.
    Once again nice review and great post.

  2. It is easy to submut article, but it is totally not easy to catch people's interest, especially when several authors are writing about the same topic: Very important to gain good reference in writing, so any blog would welcome your article. For beginners it is always good to try, as I remember first article I ever published in a very big website, was the best I had untill today
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  3. Hi Zac,
    Thaks for sharing this community, it seems to be very new. I am going to join this for sure.
    My recent post The basics of Web designing in 2013

  4. hi Blippitt,
    thanks for your comments, glad you like Guest Crew,

    From what Google is doing, it is only going to make guest blogging even more important in the coming days. With author rank gaining popularity – everyone will look to do even more guest blogging to boost their author status.

    So, guest blogging will gain even more importance.

    As for the spam warnings, follow the rule of thumb that Matt cutts says – Make sure to guest post with good content, make sure the target blog is good quality… and you should be fine.

    Uttoran Sen,
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  5. Guest Crew is one of the best Guest Blogging community where I can easily connect with bloggers to post my guest articles and also get some high quality articles for my sites with a link back.

    Best way for link building is made easy by Guest Crew. Thanks for creating such a nice forum.
    My recent post Guest Crew – The Community of Guest Bloggers

  6. Guest blogging has been awesome. The best part of it I have had is writing for 3 Big blogs which has remained one of the greater sources of traffic to my blog.

    Will check out guest crew and see how I can utilize it the more.

    Thanks for an awesome post Zac
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