Guide to Local Lead Generation & Advertising

With ad networks like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads cracking down on affiliates and limiting advertisers on their networks, focusing on local advertising has become a great alternative. Localized advertising is a great option because so very few people are taking advantage of it, and with proper targeting you can really hit some nice niche profits.

Someone who has been taking advantage of local lead generation is my friend Chad Frederiksen of CDF Networks. I’ve been reading through Chad’s comprehensive guide to local lead generation, and it’s actually pretty good. I have yet to really dive into local advertising, but I can really see if being profitable if you spend some time with it. Chad’s guide contains over 8 chapters, 115 pages and 23,000 words long it can help any newbie get started, or provide insightful information and tips to bring your local advertising game to the next level.

How many people are searching in your local area?

The world of local advertising is quite exciting and while it’s different from affiliate marketing, the concept is almost the same. The major difference is you are now more like a network and providing the leads to local brick and mortar businesses. How will you handle process and lead tracking? Does it make sense to target customers during the stores hours of operation, or during the late night? All of these questions and more are covered in Chad’s Local Lead Plan guide.

Local Advertising Templates Included
Sometimes you purchase a guide or program and it talks about how to get started, then leaves you with nothing to work with. Local Lead Plan comes with a few templates for you to work with, including a Sales Proposal, Invoice Forms and a Sample Agreement. Just replicate the forms, change your information and advertiser terms.

Chad also did a great job with his sales page, and a if you hate reading long sales forms, there is a full 9 minute video that walks you through everything the guide has to offer. The cost of Local Lead Plan is $79, but it’s probably one of the better sources available. Local advertising seems to be a quiet subject, yet very profitable. There is a lot of money to be made, but not many people want to talk about how they are doing it.

Download the Local Lead Plan.

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  1. I've been playing the online local lead gen game for over a decade now. My only concern is that everyone else is finding out about it now. 🙂

  2. I like local advertising when the product meets the need. Google has definitely been my choice for promoting products locally without a doubt.

    Love the site!

  3. Found it really interesting, although it's a great feeling to reach a worldwide audience online, you often forget you have a ton of neighbors right around you.

    Businesses could easily sustain just from working with each other – especially during this troubled time in our economy.

  4. There is a certain buzz around local advertising on the blogosphere at present. Where there is smoke there is fire, so I feel investigating this further can definitely not hurt. Maybe $79 will be a good investment to get the man’s insights.

  5. Nice to hear that there's a program that can help every business to increase potential contractor leads, and other leads. For sure, it will help a lot of entrepreneurs and salesmen to increase quality accounts.

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