Halloween Affiliate Programs… or lack there of!

HTML clipboardEvery time a new holiday passes, I always tell myself, “Next year I’ll be ready to make a ton!“… so Halloween is here, and what affiliate offers are available for us to make bank. After looking through all of the affiliate networks for “Halloween” related offers, I’m surprised to say that most of them seem to be off of their game. For the networks that do have Halloween offers available, they are only available for one set method for advertising, whether that be “email only” or strictly banners. With all of the focus on the upcoming election, (which many networks have covered), it seems like such a missed opportunity for any of them which could have stepped up their game.

Here’s a look at what’s available… and how much more could have been done.

Market Leverage has two excellent Halloween offers, but they are for EMAIL only. Both offers pay $1.60 for an email address submit, and they both have decent landing pages. I would have liked to have seen some additional offers available for “web” and “search” traffic… even if it was for “ZIP CODE” and a lower payout.

NeverBlueAds, which usually has a ton of offers for every holiday event, only has one offer focusing on Halloween this year. Instead of the usual easy to make “EMAIL/ZIP” offers, NeverBlueAds has a “Personalization Mall” offer which pays a $10 CPA whenever someone purchases a holiday decoration from the site. NeverBlueAds also has a slew of other greeting cards and fun offers that target year round holidays, including Halloween.

MaxBounty has a Halloween Screensavers offer, which is great for “video” or “freebies” sites, but it may also perform well in email.

CX Digital has more Halloween offers than anyone else… but it’s pretty much what all of the other networks offer… just all available at one network. The payout rates on Personalization Mall is 10% lower, and the screensaver downloads are the same rate as MaxBounty. CX Digital does have an additional EZ Card offer

That was a run down from a few of the major networks and what they have available… but where are the really great offers? So far (and time is running out), there hasn’t been any exciting new offers this year. It would not have been hard for a network to make a costume voting site or something, then lead if off to a lead-gen form… just like email/zip offers, but more fun. This is the stuff your expensive consultants should be telling you!

It’s Halloween! Get Creative with Your Network Offers!

There are a ton of affiliate programs out there if you are looking to make percentage of sale off Halloween costumes. I would highly recommend looking at the BuyCostumes.com affiliate program through CJ, as they are one of the best and biggest sites around.

Feel free to post any decent offers or affiliate programs you have come across for this Halloween season… or what you’re going to be this year! 🙂

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  1. I wished I had joined marketleverage.

    Here's why I didn't do it:

    they make it so hard for non-US folks join in.

    They request we fill-out a form (for tax purposes!)

    I wonder why they're so crazy about that since I know hundreds other vendors who do not require non-US affiliates fill-out that form.

    Maybe you could help here Zack?

    1. It all comes down to different networks having different legal teams and how tightly they monitor everything. I know MarketLeverage reads this blog all this time, so they may follow up to you.

    2. Hi Codrut,

      Erick Bright here with MarketLeverage – it's a pleasure to meet you!

      We require our affiliates to fill out a brief financial form in order for us to to more quickly process payments to you. Ultimately, it helps get you paid on time (Net 15) or sooner by out network!

      I encourage you to sign up today with MarketLeverage so that you can take advantage of our network's offers, services, and benefits!

      Thanks Codrut!

      -Erick Bright

      Publisher Manager


    3. Most of the ad networks and affiliate networks will make you fill out this form anyways.

  2. I guess there has been less and less of a hype for Halloween this year, but I did hear that more and more people are shopping for Halloween online versus in stores, this year more than ever. What a great opportunity to capitalize on this!

  3. Great post Zac. I actually hadn’t thought about different affiliate offers for the holidays that hadn’t really crossed my mind. I would have to agree though, I think that holidays could provide a great medium to get some really niche style offers out there!

    I’m very surprised that none of the major networks did any kind of Halloween promotion, like a contest of some sort that has to do with Halloween style prizes or something like that. Maybe you should run one :-p

  4. Check out Hydra. They have 3 offers you didn't mention here:

    Giveawaycafe – Get $500 For Halloween Costume and Candy

    Personalized Halloween Gifts

    Half Price Costumes

  5. I would be tempted to do some PPC marketing for actually selling costumes. But when I’ve done this before I got a stupid amount of clicks and no buyers. I assume because most people are just looking and browsing for ideas, rather than wanting to make a purchase.

    I did have some success buying costumes wholesale and selling on e-bay, but the amount of refund requests I got the day after halloween was ridiculous. People just don’t want to spend money on something that they use for one night.

      1. Believe me, I've heard of worse.

        Imagine people buying a really expensive tuxedo for prom and then returning it the day after….It's nuts.

  6. that is when you create a build a niche store! getting back into mine since its that time of year again

  7. Hi Zac,

    Yeah Halloween..kind of thin considering how many tons of candy are exchanged, none of the candy companies have Affiliate Programs?

    Seems like a wasted opportunity, or do people just buy candy from a local retailer?

    Great post! I'm still trying to figure out all of this PPC /SEO / PPV stuff, like a 'deer-in-the-headlights'..


    Nicholas Chase – 'the video guy' from BlogWorld Expo 2008

  8. well, thanks for the add. I was looking for a great affiliate program for the halloween season. Do you have any suggestion on what is the best affiliate program that offers a website as well?

  9. yea well, I have 50 halloween websites (one for each state) getting increasing traffic every day, and I have been much dismayed at the dearth of good affiliate offers. Moreover, on the ones I *did* find, I had to beg and beg to get the size banners (728×90 – not exactly an unusual size) I wanted.

  10. The other day someone asked me where they could get special effect contact lenses for their Halloween costume, unfortunately even that did not ring the affiliate bell in my head 😛

  11. I have been running some Halloween campaigns but it seems to be slower than last year. It seems due to the economy people are spending less on costumes.

  12. This year, I'm selling Halloween costumes at two of my sites, where I'm having a Halloween campaign on both of them:

    https://RockStarLifeLessons.com – "31 Days of Band Halloween" – featuring ideas for bands performing on Halloween.

    https://TweenParty.com – "31 Days of Tween Halloween" – featuring Halloween costume and party ideas for the tween set.

    As for candy and other Halloween goodies, Amazon does offer candy so you can add affiliate income that way. There are actually a lot of companies that sell Halloween costumes and decorations and offer affiliate income. It's my understanding that SpiritHalloween.com now offers 13% on sales, which may be the highest. While I can't say how many people are only clicking pictures on my site to get ideas, there will always be someone who will buy their Halloween costumes online. Any why not from me?

    After seeing so many costumes this month, I'm currently struggling between being Tia Dalma from Pirates of the Caribbean, or a Ladybug. We'll see 😉

  13. Great post. Good to see the example how companies started.

    Apart from affilates google also has played major impact in search engine especially its PPC,Google Adsense and Google Adwords

  14. I saw these guys offer I used to have an affiliate type (you get set up and they give you a code) everyone that uses that code you get a percentage of the profit. Not to shabby if you don't have to do anything buy have people use your code on checkout. I have made a few buck so far just getting my friends and family buy from them and even got some free stuff.

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