Halloween Party & Money Piñata

Over the past couple of weeks, Reena and I have been putting together quite a large collection of Halloween decorations and planning out everything for our big Halloween house party. After days of preparation and anticipation, we had our party yesterday and everything went awesome. I’ve been branded as "Spiderman" by several blogs now because of my antics in the costume, but this time around I chose something a little more comfortable, but just as creative. This year I was the Saw Puppet from the movie Saw. It was a great costume and if you’ve seen the movies, you know how freaky the costume puppet is. I went the extra mile to go out and find a red tricycle to ride around the house and open the door when never visitors arrived.

Now for my "John Chow Fine Dining" section, featuring the food for the night… In addition to decorating out the whole house and having some great sound effects and lighting, a lot of time was spent on making spooky finger foods and some other creative munchies. Here’s just a few pictures of what was being served.

Here are a few more pictures of the house in Halloween fashion.

A few more of Me, Reena and Friends

The main highlight of the night was the much anticipated "Money Piñata", which was mentioned on all of the party initiations sent out. I thought a money piñata would have been a great idea that no one else would ever think of, nor would believe. I stuffed over 70 bills inside the ghost Piñata (totaling $132), along with ZacJohnson.com business cards, some fake dollar bills and of course candy. My friend Brian got on the roof of the house to hold up the piñata, then the fun began. I will upload a video of it soon.

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  1. I was jimmy neutron for my party. I curled up my hair and drew an neutron on my shirt.

  2. The pictures are looking awesome !!! I wish I was a part of the party. The pictures itself say how much fun the whole party would have been.

    I loved the bicycle.

  3. It seems was a great party waiting for the piñata video because since I was a kid I always waited for the piñata to be hitted hard and get the whatever I see in fron on me. By the way, Zac great piñata idea

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