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Let’s start this post off with a question..
Would you rather buy an ebook from someone… or have direct access to the person that wrote that ebook?

There’s no contest… ebooks are old news and dragged out to death. We’ve all seen the long sales pages and as marketers, we are almost immediately turned off right away. Starting today, my good friend Jim Kukral is changing the game and has re-invented his blog, brand and business. Jim Kukral is now TheBizWebCoach.com!

If you’ve been to Affiliate Summit or Blog World Expo, you’ve definitely seen Jim Kukral in action as the emcee of both. While Jim has been speaking and emceeing at a lot more internet conferences over the past two years, like me, he has also been in the marketing game for over 12 years and was one of the main influences for me starting this blog. Not only has Jim been in the game for a while, and knows what he is doing… but he is also one of my best friends online, that I talk with almost daily.

What is TheBizWebCoach? In so many words… it’s direct access and consulting from Jim Kukral. As Jim says on the site, “It’s not “info products”. There are no “dvd’s to order”. This is revolutionary! Someone who you can actually work with who will help you with your specific goals in mind!” However, if you want the full written details, you can view them all here.

But what really is the purpose of Jim’s new venture? The end result is for Jim to help you succeed! Jim does not want to take your money if he can’t help you. I can guarantee you right now, that if you sign up to TheBizWebCoach, and if you aren’t satisfied… Jim will refund your membership fee. He has no interest in keeping members that aren’t happy. His time is money and his bottom line goal is to help you along the way.

Today was the official lunch of TheBizWebCoach, and Jim Kukral spent over an hour on Ustream today talking, answering questions and even taking phone calls with anyone interested in talking. This is just a small example of what type of effort Jim will put towards your continuing mission for improving your business. You can even call him right now for a free assessment on how he can help you and your business grow.

I don’t want to sound like a sales letter, but what Jim is offering here is a quality service. The price is a $97 one-time registration plus $47/month. I’m sure you are now thinking… “Wow, that’s way too much for me!“… but honestly, think about it this way. How many crappy ebooks have your purchased that cost $97, and all you have is a .pdf file that was sold a million times over. Also, you are not getting an ebook, you are getting everything else… along with DIRECT access to Jim at nearly any time of the day. What if Jim can improve your landing pages, or ad text conversions by a mere 1% or 2%… imagine how much more will you profit in the long run, than the mere $47 a month.

Head on over to TheBizWebCoach and let me know what you think.

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  1. I like this get an real assessment in a day blitzkrieg. A nice variation on most launches, points for style.

  2. That's cool. So many people I believe will really profit from his help. It's really where I think we will see a big explosion…Internet coaching/teaching. There's a big difference in being able to buy a "ebook" and being able to access the mind at will. And that's in many how-to industries/niches.

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