Happy 4th of July

I had a few ideas floating around on what I should write about today, but wasn’t that thrilled on my choices. Instead I’ll just make it a quick and simple post… Happy 4th of July to everyone! JC posted this video on his blog today, but I also felt it was a great match and a very high quality version too. Today while you’re out at barbeques, celebrating with friends and watching fireworks, don’t forget to give thanks and prayers to all of our freedoms and to our troops around the world. If you are making money online, not only do you have the greatest job in the world, but you are also living in the greatest country in the world too. (despite the problems going on in the world, we have our freedom!) God Bless America!

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  1. happy 4th!

    hope you enjoy your day… my sons first fireworks, hope he likes it

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