Happy Birthday to Me! Now Let’s Make Money!

Today is my birthday! So let’s make today’s topic on everyone’s special day and how you and so many other businesses can start banking every day. Your birthday may only come once a year, but here’s another way to look at it. The current population in the United States is 301,139,947, and every one of them has a birthday… but more importantly, it means that there are roughly 825,000 birthdays celebrated every day, just within the United States! That is an awesome amount of potential users everyday that people are shopping for.

Here are a few ways you can start targeting an audience looking to make a purchase for an upcoming birthday.

1.) Greeting Cards
Several years ago I was heavily into the free greeting cards market and had hundreds of flash greeting cards created for my sites. Instead of charging an annual or monthly fee like AmericanGreetings.com, I offered all of my ecards for free. I would then make money from newsletter subscribers and on site advertisers. The great thing about the greeting card web site, was that the traffic was always constant and birthday cards were always being sent out. I’ve seen a dramatic drop in traffic and attention to online greeting cards over the past few years, as a result of new web 2.0 and social networking web sites… but there is still a huge demand for sending people an online greeting card or even just a graphic by email on their birthday.

2.) Gift Cards
How many times has someone given you a gift card for your birthday and you either lose it, or end up not spending all of it. For the supplier of the gift card, this is exactly what they wanted. They already got paid for the card and didn’t have to sell any merchandise to the user. On top of that, many gift cards charge a purchase fee, or deduct a small amount from the card each month if not used after a certain date. Being able to sell products, along with gift cards, is an excellent way to increase overall revenue and bring in new buyers. Gift cards are always a safe bet for the last minute shopper for birthdays or any gift giving occasion.

3.) Jewelry & Apparel
Whether you are young or old, every year you can almost expect clothing from some one for your birthday. Some many even decide to bling you up with some jewelry too, whether it be a new necklace or watch! These gifts can also fall under the “gift cards” area as well, and almost all clothing stores carry them. Not just online, but in stores also… how many people impulse buy gift cards when waiting in line at Gap or Old Navy!

4.) Flowers and Chocolate
Another massive market for birthdays, is flowers and chocolate. Though it mainly targets to women, companies still thrive and live off giving flowers and chocolates for birthday and valentine’s day. You can only imagine how slow it may be for these companies during the off season… but for birthdays there is not off season. Even though they may not sell a massive amount of orders every day (like on Valentine’s day)… it’s the birthdays that keep them in business. Many sites offer custom flowers and chocolate packages just for birthday.

If you haven’t been generating any money from birthdays, you are potential missing out on a massive amount of money. Remember, 825,000 people in the United States alone are having a birthday today… then another 825,000 again tomorrow… and so on. Think of something creative for people to send for someone’s birthday… and you’ll be making so much money that it will seem like it’s your birthday every day!

Happy Birthday Gift Time!

Win Free Steaks, It’s On Me!

It’s my birthday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun! Just leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win one of three gift packages from Omaha Steaks. This isn’t a sponsorship or anything by them, I just love their food and would love to treat some of my readers with a great dinner! Three winners will be selected and posted on Monday the 27th of October.

My Birthday is Your Birthday! Win a Nice Omaha Steaks Dinner Package!

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  1. Happy birthday πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I won't be able to enter because I live in the UK. Which is a shame because I bloody love steak..

  2. Happy B-Day.

    I don't care for giving Gift Cards Only because it's just one step above money. (Yah I know, everyone loves money).

    BUT I do love to eat steak on my birthday…..

  3. Happy B-Day, Z-Man! If by fluke I get the Omaha prize, I'll donate it to someone cool because I don't live in the US.

  4. Happy B-day…

    mmmmmm Omaha Steaks, always a great treat.

    I'd suggest you try their rock lobster sometime as well if you haven't, their sides are pretty awesome as well (mashed sweet potatoes, yum).

  5. Man, will the ideas never end. Its posts like this that keep me coming back.

    I like that you actually found the numbers and did the math. "Real" journalists should take a page from your blog and do simple things like that – it would make their articles readable and certainly add to any credibility.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAC!!!!! Thanks For All Your Hel And Support Homie! ;0)

    Peace And God Bless….

    – J-Create

  7. Oh I love steak. Now, I could just drive 30min to Omaha and get me some from Omaha Steaks but I'll take free ones from you, thanks. πŸ™‚

  8. Happy Birthday, Zac! Glad to see more October Birthday's like my own.

    I had never thought of what a consistent market birthday related stuff is, but there really are a ton of people with a birthday every single day – throw in a holiday (like halloween) and there is a killing to be made out there.

  9. Zac, Hope you have a great birthday in AC. Win lots so I don't have to send you that million dollar check πŸ˜‰

  10. Happy Birthday Zac,

    You have given me an idea that is completely unrelated to affiliate marketing but to a startup I have been contemplating about.

    Don't you work hard on your birthday!!!

  11. Happy Birthday! I got one of those Omaha packs for a gift one time and it was great. I wonder if many people have decent luck promoting gift cards? I know that they don't qualify for commissions on a lot of programs but I imagine some do.

    1. Commissions on gift cards are very low, as they are almost the same as cash. The main gift card site online only pays 1.5% of each gift card sale. A very big (and rare) $1000 gift card order would only make you $10.50!

  12. Happy Birthday Zac! I love your blog! I just found out about it a couple days ago. I went through every single page since it went live. Excellent posts!

  13. Happy birthday, Zac! It's crazy to think that there are almost a million birthdays celebrated every year. You pointed out some great tips to monetize the market. Enjoy!

  14. Happy Birthday, Zac.

    I'm a big fan of Omaha Steaks myself as I really enjoy the bacon wrapped filets.

  15. Happy Bday Zac! Wish you the best!

    Feliz Cumpleanos!

    Mazel Tov!

    I was one of the affiliates that signed up under your neverblueads link and generated $130k in comissions πŸ˜‰

    Enjoy your day!

  16. Happy Birthday Zac! I Wish You ALL What You Want.. Oh it's true you are rich you can already buy all what you want !! hehehe.. have a nice birthday Zac! A++

  17. Happy Birth Day Zac Johnson. This will be the second time I wish you happy birth day. Hopefully I could do it again next year.

    Iam 27 too

  18. Hey Zac,

    Happy Birthday man! You must love October… your birthday and Halloween within a week of each other.

    Have you decided what you're going to wear this year? What about that $3k Batman costume?

  19. Hey Zac

    You have wonderful ideas, wonderful blog. I guess you're also a wonderful man. Happy birthday I wish you all the best in your life. Let all the dreams come true for you.

    You have great positive karma, you give away so much for free on your blog. You're a very credible man who actually does what he teaches.

    Once again, happy birthday and let all your wishes come true!

  20. Happy Birthday (yesterday)! Thanks for the ideas, too. I've done birthday campaigns before, but thinking about it again gave me some new ideas to test πŸ™‚

  21. Thanks for your focused creativity Zac. I think its really smart that your able to take a one day focus about yourself, turn it around and then show someone the potential to make money on it. I need to have more of your focus.

  22. Hey belated Happy Birthday Zac! Hope you had a good one. πŸ™‚

    I've never tried Omaha Steaks before, but they do look goooooood.

  23. Happy Birthday Zac! October 24th is my birthday too, I was very surprised to see we're both celebrating the same day.

    Cheers to both of us, and lots of luck making money online for the next year! I can feel the winds of change in online marketing and many good opportunities lie ahead!

  24. I love steak, but can't say that I've ever tried steak from Omaha Steaks, so I would love to WIN.

  25. Just like a top-quality Omaha Steak, you're getting better with age.

    Happy birthday. Wise beyond your years.

    Thanks for taking some time to spend your birthday here with us.

    Now take some time for yourself away from the web and enjoy your earnings…

    Splurge a little!

  26. Omaha Steaks are yummy. Their combo packs are the best. Got gourmet franks [hot dogs], crab-stuffed sole, hamburgers, pork, and chicken, plus stuffed baked potatoes…amazing. You can use the coolers in hurricane season down here too!

    Happy Birthday Super Affliate! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Happy Birthday to you,

    Happy Birthday to you,

    Happy Birthday Dear Zac,

    Happy Birthday to YOU!

    John Chow sent me over to say hello and to enter your contest.

    Mmmmmmmmm… I love steaks from Omaha πŸ™‚

    All the best from

    Heather in Beautiful BC

  28. Dear Zac,

    Happy Birthday!

    Many happy returns of the day! I wish you a very happy birthday! Be healthy and wealthy and have a lot of success and good luck…

    All the best!!! πŸ˜‰

  29. Happy Belated, on a side note,

    Jewlery is big no matter what crisis were going though, guys are always getting in trouble with there wives, what better way to reward them with jewlerey. You think there gonna care if there broke!

  30. Happy Belated BD! nest year, I will treat you to steak and two of your readers! πŸ™‚

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