Happy Father’s Day

Written by Zac Johnson
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Today is a special day for all of the Dads and father figures in the world. Life goes by way too fast and at times we spend so much time with the small stuff, that we don’t get to appreciate what really matters. Not only have I been blessed with financial freedom and being my own boss, but am also blessed to have the Greatest Dad in the World, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything! I would not be where I am, nor who I am, without him in my life. Just from a business aspect, I’ve always had the full support of my father and to this day I still take him to all my networking and conferences all around the world! It just simply wouldn’t be the same without him, and I appreciate every moment.

My Dad and I at Affiliate Summit Cruise 2003.

Take the day off (it is Sunday after all!), give Dad a call and make sure you let him know how much he means to you. Have a great Father’s Day!

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7 Replies to “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. nice post, im a father too 😉

    its hard to lose your dad though, im glad you guys seem to have such a good relationship

  2. Zac,

    I hope my son feels the same way about me when he's an adult. I'm working my best to be the greatest dad in the world also. 🙂

    You are truly blessed to have that type of relationship with you father. My dad was a great provider but not so good at the dad part.

  3. Nice post, Zac! Has it really been 4 years since the Affiliate Summit cruise?!? My oh my, how time flies!

    Please tell your dad I said hello, and hope to see the both of you again soon.

  4. So many Father's fail in the family today. It's great to see a positive post about Fathers. I love my kids with every cell of my body and never go a day without telling them that. What an amazing blessing they are. They are my reason to my "why" in life. Zac, thanks for sharing and honoring your Father…Great to see that!
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