Happy Halloween! Let’s Make Some Money!

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. It’s the day when you get to dress up and be whatever you want, run around to house and get stuff for free. For families with children, it may cost them up to a week’s paycheck, and for the millions of companies around the world that sell costumes, decorations and candy, it’s almost like Christmas!

As an internet marketer, Halloween is the mega start for making money in the 4th quarter of the year. If you missed out on this years Halloween spending spree, here are some figures to get you excited and ready for next year! Even though the country is in financial disaster and many people are out of jobs, the Halloween spending still keeps hitting new highs. Let’s take a look!

2011 Halloween Season

  • 7 out of 10 Americans will celebrate Halloween
  • 41 million Trick or Treaters in 2010
  • $72.31 average spend per person (costumes, candy etc)
  • Total of $6.8 billion spent on Halloween related products

– Source: CNN / US Census, National Retail Federation

2011 Popular Halloween Costumes

You can usually tell what the hot costumes will be for the year, by looking at the best selling movies of the year. In 2011, the best selling costumes were super heroes such as Captain American and Green Lantern, along side with popular celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen.

Want to get a jump on next year’s Halloween costumes sales? Take a look at the new movies coming out in 2012, and start making your Halloween costume sites now! Just quickly looking at the list, you know GhostBusters, Men in Black, the Avengers and Wizard of Oz will be big costume sellers in 2012.

$310 Million Spent on Pet Costumes

As much as parents love to show of their kid’s costumes, apparently their dogs are right up there on the list. Over $310 million dollars will be spent this Halloween on pet costumes. In addition to getting pet costumes at stores like PetSmart, PetCo and Target, they are also a huge seller online!

The big seller among pet costumes, are pumpkins, hotdogs and devil dogs!

Before/After Halloween Sales

Just because today is Halloween, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any more money to be made. Many costume web sites like BuyCostumes and CostumeCraze make all of their massive profits on Halloween, but they also hold some huge discounts and sales the days and weeks right after Halloween, which many people are still buying for. These web sites are also selling costumes through out the year. Holidays and events like Christmas (Santa and Elves costumes), New Years (fun glasses, hats), Easter (Bunny Costumes) and celebrations like birthdays, graduations and bachelor parties, keep the sales coming in through out the year.

There is plenty of money to be made in the Halloween and costume market, so if you didn’t get a chance to cash in on the craze this year, make sure you are ready next year, and it’s a revenue generator that you can count on year after year!

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  1. Halloween is a cool holiday especially for kids they really look forward to this time of year. Christmas @ Halloween are two good times of the year to sell related items where you can make some nice extra money.

    Get your niche sites set up everyone it is time to cash in on the holiday buyers lol. Good post Zac.
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  2. There are lots of cool programs this Halloween season. Affiliates should definitely take advantage of them.

  3. I have one Halloween website that I struggled with this year because I provided informational posts about makeup, funny costumes, scary costumes, etc. They weren't written with a buying mentality. The approach I am going to take next year is to do reviews of costumes available from sites, such as Buycostumes and Frightcatalog. Then I will have a unique post with my own twist.

    To make a profit from a Halloween site it needs to be product oriented so the visitor is in a buying mood. How to articles and such are helpful, but they won't lead to as much profit.
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  4. it doesn’t mean there isn’t any more money to be made. Many costume web sites like Buy Costumes and Costume Craze make all of their massive profits on Halloween. | 😛
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