Have You Tried the New Google Images Yet?

Have you seen the new changes being made over at Google Images? If not, you should check it out. It’s actually pretty cool and more advanced than their previous setup. Google Images can be used for a lot of things… just to browser photos, look for relevant images for blog posts and many are using these images for ad campaigns like Facebook and more.

Improvements to the system include being able to view more images at one time, instead of having to continually click for the next page at the bottom of the results. Now Google Images displays 16 pages of content before having to click “more results”. You also have the option to scroll over the image to enlarge, or see what site is hosting the image.

Another change to Google Images that might not make a lot of marketers and web site owners happy, is when you click the image, you will be sent to the web site which the image is hosted on, but you will first see the site faded out and the image first. I would say this might not make web site owners that get a lot of traffic from Google Images unhappy because it’s another process to getting visitors to actually view your site. You can see this in the screen shot below.

As a user, I love the changes made to Google Images. The changes implemented have made it a lot easier to look through hundreds of images a lot faster, and when browsing a site after clicking on the image, you no longer have that annoying framed window on top.

Check out the new Google Images and let me know what you think.

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  1. I have heardthat they changed things around but I have not yet usedthem. I just had a look at it looks pretty much the same. :/

  2. I really like the new format. The popup is great and I can save the full image right from the popup screen. I haven't thought about the effect of people looking at images from my sites.

  3. I just noticed in the last few days that they have made some changes. It reminds me of the way that Bing shows the images across the screen. What I do like is that they are including more images on the screen and you do not have to keep clicking the next page button so often.

  4. While I like the new google images, I find that when I am on wireless in some locations that it takes forever to load. There are usually always good things and bad when google changes things.

  5. I saw this just recently, I don't really like it though. I can't explain it, I liked the way google images was before. Maybe I'm just old school, haha.

  6. Not great for webmasters as it pulls it dynamically not forcing you to the page when you want to view the full image

  7. I'm not sure what I think of it yet. I'm getting used to it but after years of using something one way and having it changed = bad. It also appears to load slower than before which isn't a big problem except for when I'm going wireless.

    I also wasn't aware that it was ignoring the google frame break which will suck for some of my sites that rely on a lot of image traffic.

  8. I think the new Google images is a huge improvement. It is now so much easier to browse through images. Normally I would give up and try a new search after not finding anything in the first few pages. Now I can just scroll down and quickly scan deeper pages. I do admit that they should have some kind of option for people with slower connections.

  9. I love the new google images, but you're implying that it can be used for illegal reasons "look for relevant images for blog posts and many are using these images for ad campaigns like Facebook and more"

    You're ignoring the copyright issues and implying it is ok to copy images without the owner's permission.

  10. Does the new Google Images indicate which images are copyright protected, and which can be used freely for posting on blogs?

  11. Noticed the changes this week. It's awesome how you can scroll through 15+ pages of images without needing to click anywhere.

    Before i would probably click upto the 5th page and give up but this makes it much easier!

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