Hidden Gems of Niche Marketing… What are people searching for?

Looking for a new niche market, or tired of your current ad campaigns? Spice your marketing up by aiming what people are searching for. Below are just a few resources you can use to target and search out new niche markets and hot products.

What are people buying on eBay?
One of the best and most in-depth resources for accurate and up to date “hot search” for products is through eBay’s Express Top Search. Not only does eBay break down their top 10 categories, then provide the 10+ more top searches for each, but they also provide network wide search queries. To top off eBay’s Express Top Searches, at the bottom they also list the Top Bestselling Movie Artists, Music Artists, Authors and Top Products.

Lycos Top 50
One of my longtime favorites is the Lycos Top 50. In addition to breaking down the Top 50 search terms, they also list categories and write ups on what’s hot and why. Ever wonder what was hot last year at this time or even further back? Use the Lycos 50 “Archives” and you can see what was HOT all the way back to 1999! Other great features of the Lycos 50 are their blog and Movers & Shakers lists.

These are just two of many resources you can use to find what people are searching for around the web. Get creative and see if you can incorporate some hot topics into your marketing campaign… you may just find a way to double or triple your existing revenue!

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  1. I agree, that’s why I choose most popular keywords in my shopping ads campaign! Nice sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing the lists… I think that google trends is also a good thing to check out what is popular these days. Niche marketing isn’t for new marketers because it isn’t stable… but if you can get good timing your site can be effective!

  3. This is very useful. Although I’ve been on the lookout for this, didn’t quite catch it until now. So Thanks!
    Just a thought. What if a person could periodically combine these results with Yahoo! Buzz and build a niche store? Think about it… Spotting trends on the web and selling people some merch from what they are searching for.

  4. Thanks Zack.

    Another place to find what sells on eBay is TeraPeak.com.

    1. I just those other two but I’ve never heard of TeraPeak.com. Thanks.

    1. Their top 50 always have to do with celebrities and never really anything useful. Although, if you were targeting celebrities it would be useful….

  5. Thanks for the tips on using these resources Zac, I’m always looking for more info on what’s hot and didn’t even know about these two. I check out eBay Pulse, but didn’t know eBay express had something similar.

  6. Zac: Is there a tool for geo-targeting type of hot searches?

    Let me clarify, i have been trying to figure out, what people in my small town are searching for. Is there a tool that would provide data based on zip code?


    1. Not that I know off, but you can try using a search suggestion tool and including your town/city names and or zip codes and see what comes up.

  7. Thanks for the tip Zac. I’m always interested in tools like this, and I wasn’t aware of these two. I’m looking forward to trying them out.

    – Dave

  8. Never knew about that.

    Thanks for the info.

    any top products in auto sector ?

  9. I think you might get more people to notice the Super Affiliate Tips…if it was a different font color and it said New! beside it.

  10. wordtracker is what you've got to have if you're really searious. Although TeraPeak.com has given them a run for the money. I don't think I've met anyone that uses lycos on the last year. I'm not even sure if they've have their own search engine or rent one?

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