Highlight Your Blog Content and Increase Comments

One of the biggest factors for the success of a blog, is how many comments you can average per post. It’s not all about what you have to say, but how other interact and leave their feedback as well. A new wordpress plugin called “Highligher“, allows you to highlight any content and on a blog and leave a comment on it.

You can see the plugin in action on the screenshot below from the Highlighter.com web site. Also, congrats to the UBD team for securing such an awesome domain name… wonder what they paid for it!

The “Highlighter” wordpress plugin is free to download. In addition to leaving comments, you can also share via Facebook, Twitter and through Email. Simply highlight any text on a blog (with the plugin active) and the plugin will show what options you have, which are to leave a comment or share with others. It’s a pretty cool concept, but I think it would take a lot of training and awareness to get blog readers to catch on to the concept.

Once you download the Highlighter plugin, you have a lot of customization and settings which can easily be accessed through WordPress. There is also some features for adding to your mailing lists through Aweber and other providers, managing comments and ways to change the highlight colors, look and feel. Unique Blog Designs is also running a promotion where you can win a free Apple iPad if you just blog about their latest plugin.

Download Highlighter Plugin.

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  1. This actually looks like a very interesting plugin. It's a cool way to quote from the original post. I also like how you cna share the highlighted words on Twitter/Facebook. I'mnot entirrely sure if it will cath on though!

  2. Hey Zac,

    I have just installed this plugin on my blog a couple days ago and it is already creating meaningful engagements with my readers. I know that Unique Blog Designs will have a lot of new features in their next update because they are a first class company. Overall great plugin.

  3. This is a great plugin. On one of my sites I use quotes, with this plugin people can comment on each quote instead of commenting on the whole blog post. Instantly adds the ability for one person to comment multiple times on one blog post. Great Share!

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  5. Interesting plug-in, but I think it takes someone pretty savvy to figure out how it works with no explanation.

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  6. This is certainly a neat little plugin, but I wonder if it would be a bit distracting to have little comments pop up here and there. I mean, I can see where and how it can add to the value of the post by giving extra info and backing the claims you make(just like the one shown in your screenshot), but … Well, I guess it depends on how you use it.I guess if used moderately, it wouldn't be much of a distraction. Anyway, thanks for the heads up.
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  7. Thanks for the information I'll try this plug in 😉
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  8. This is a very good option.. i try to make a blog about How to fix something.. this might be what i might need when i start the blog.
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  9. I'm not sure how I fel bout these "highlighter" plugins… They look cool, but (at least in some instances) I think they may detract from the user experience.
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