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One of the greatest things about running a business on the internet is that there is pretty much a never ending supply of websites, content, and traffic to build ad campaigns around. Even if you never built a piece of content for your own website or brand, there are more than enough options out there for you to simply create a landing page and promote whatever it is you have to sell through media buying and ad placements.

With all of this in mind, it’s simply a matter of connecting with the right brands and ad serving solutions to make sure your campaigns and best offers are being seen. This is also extremely beneficial for both site owners and advertisers — as site owners need to continually find new ways to monetize traffic flowing through their sites, and advertisers need to have a direct connection of exposure on these sites.

This is where wonderful ad networks and media buying platforms come into play.

HilltopAds is one such solution for connecting site owners and advertisers together, while never needing them to directly communicate with each other. Today we are going to take a look at what the HilltopAds platform has to offer and how they are quickly scaling into one of the larger media buying and traffic solutions on the internet today.

HilltopAds says “It’s Good to Be King!”

Launched in 2014, HilltopAds is a global advertising network that aims to combine smart technology with a direct approach catering to both site owners and advertisers — giving them both the highest performance and earnings potential possible. Instead of relying on just one form of display advertising, HilltopAds is currently serving hundreds of millions of impressions, pop-unders and banner ads daily across their network of sites.

With more focus on display and mobile advertising than ever before, it’s important to choose a traffic solution that changes with industry demands. This is something HilltopAds has continually proven during their recent uptrend in the industry.In such a competitive space, the competitive task of secure high-value placements and authority sites within their performance network is also key. This allows for advertisers to continually monitor and track where their best traffic sources and campaign results are coming from.

In such a competitive space, the competitive task of secure high-value placements and authority sites within their performance network is also key. This allows for advertisers to continually monitor and track where their best traffic sources and campaign results are coming from — which ultimately falls back on the performance of payouts to their partner sites to make sure all advertisements are being displayed in the best locations and style of sites possible.

This is possible through the many different ways HilltopAds can make payments out to their partner sites, which includes CPC, CPM, CPL, CPI, CPO, CPS and even on a CPA basis. With such a business model in place, it not only makes sense for HilltopsAds and how they can best manage their inventory and costs, but also to make sure optimization and return on investment is there for the advertiser as well. When so many different variables are in place, it’s a much easier and more effective process to come up with the highest eCPMs possible.

With such a demand for traffic on the internet these days, HilltopAds isn’t shy about adding new sites of all styles to their already massive directory of sites. Such properties may include entertainment blogs, microsites, gaming networks and file sharing sites. There are also no restrictions on traffic volume or traffic type — as this can all be tested the sold on a quality and performance basis through the platform.

Again, the benefit here for site owners with low traffic is that there is still a monetization play in effect. Advertisers can also benefit from this, as it can allow for access to smaller sites that might not be accessible on larger or more strict ad networks.

Getting Creative with HilltopAds

As an advertiser, it’s important to test as many ad placements and sizes as possible. The same holds true for site owners that want to test different monetization methods and sizes on their own site. This is all possible through HilltopAds, as they offer a wide range of ads from within their network.

We can still find traditional display banners in sizes like 728×90 leaderboards, 300×250 rectangles, and 160 x 600 skyscrapers on everyday sites. This is common because big brands still love to use these sizes for branding and premium placements. However, there is a still a massive and growing demand for popunders, push-up ads, instant messages, direct links, and in-video banners as well. Naturally, the eCPM will naturally vary based on a number of criteria, but as a publisher, it’s great to know that you have so many options.

With mobile usage and video marketing on the rise, this is another area where HilltopAds has pulled away from the competition. Roughly 60% of their traffic is from mobile, while the other 40% being through desktop viewing. This in itself gives HilltopAds advertisers enough exposure and volume no matter what type of traffic source or audience they are looking for.

A Look inside the HilltopAds Control Panel

As with all great tracking and management platforms, the more you can control and track from within your account, the more likely you are to find success and improve earnings. HilltopAds has created an all-in-one dashboard area that caters to both advertiser and publisher accounts, making it ideal for both sides to take advantage of the full benefits offered from HTA at any given time. You will notice the separation between the two on the left-hand menu area.

The advantage here for many site owners and advertisers is that they are commonly working both sides of the spectrum — not just managing their own sites or ad campaigns, but actually doing both. With a platform like HilltopAds, it’s way too easy to accomplish this. To active your account as a publisher, you will need to answer a short questionnaire, then be approved by the network before actively serving ad placements on your site.

HilltopAds also offers a 5% referral program, should you refer any new advertisers or site partners to their network. Each account is provided with their own unique tracking URL to credit leads properly. Referring just one big player can quickly result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in referral fees.

The Technology Behind HilltopAds

In addition to serving billions of ad impressions across millions of sites, HilltopAds has one of the most advanced technologies and tracking platforms behind the company — thus providing advertisers and site owners with the necessary tools and tracking to continually improve their earnings and investments.

One such example of this would be their ad network rotation and eCPM real-time optimization. This allows for site partners with the highest CPM rates to gain access to premium advertisers with higher payouts, all in real-time. This allows for the fastest and most accurate optimization for HilltopAds, their site partners and advertisers as possible. Another key element here is that site owners don’t need to pick and choose which offers they’d like to run on their sites, as HilltopAds will automatically do this and split-test and serve ads based on their performance.

Other key features and benefits of HilltopAds’s technology, is their ability to get around many anti-adblocking solutions, and also offering advertisers the ability to set up retargeting campaign to further convert initially lost traffic and leads.

HilltopAds Pays Out with No Fees

When using HilltopAds as an advertiser, you won’t come across any financial transaction fees. There are also plenty of options for payment when it comes to funding your accounts, such as PayPal, wire transfer, Paxum, ePayservice, WebMoney, ePayments or Bitcoin. The minimum deposit amount for advertisers is $200.

Publishers also won’t have to worry about any transaction fees on their payments, which are issued through Paypal. In an industry where most networks are paying out on a net-30 basis or longer, HilltopAds has a much faster net-7 holding policy, so you can get paid weekly to keep your cash flow going. This is all possible as long as you hit a minimum payment threshold of $50 in your account.

Stay at the Top of Your Game with HilltopAds

Whether you are looking to make some extra money by monetization content and traffic on your site, or simply looking to scale your campaign reach and brand to a whole new audience, HilltopAds has a solution in place to help with your needs.

To get started, click here to create an account and your start serving you ad campaigns within minutes through their platform. Take a few moments of your time to see if HilltopAds has the platform and reach to scale your marketing and monetization efforts to that next level you may have been looking for.

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