Hilton Casino Host Party

Earlier this week I was invited to attend a "Casino Host Party" at the Atlantic City Hilton. I was invited by my new awesome host Indira. A couple weeks ago I posted on "Who is Reading Your Blog?", which was based on when Indira sent me a written letter after coming across my blog and hearing about how unhappy I was with Resorts Casino, and then how they fired my previous host. I first met with Indira last night and she was super nice and let me know if there was anything I needed, that I should get in touch with her.

So we (Reena, her sister Anji, my friend Alex and myself) arrived at the Hilton last night, not expecting what type of party it would be, but it was actually pretty sweet. It was a classy party that was thrown by all the casino hosts, and their players were invited to attend. They had a live band, lots of drinks and a three course meal… all free of course! After dinner we ran down stairs and played craps for about 30 mins. Some lady at the end of the table got mad when it was my turn to throw because the dice bounced off the table a couple times when I threw the previous time. It was the come out roll and I had
$25 on the "Whirl" (I win a decent amount if 2, 3, 11 or 12 comes up). So she was complaining, then I threw a "3"… I won she lost… it was kind of funny. Then I threw again and pressed up my "Whirl" bet since it won. I ended up throwing four whirls in a row and kept pressing my bet. In the matter of four throws I went from bring down $400 to up $300! After my roll we cashed out and left.

The Hilton and Resorts Casinos are both owned by the same company and share the same players card. So far these two casinos have been awesome on game play and rewards. They send me something new to pickup each week! Yesterday was another great trip to AC and that makes for SIX profitable trips in a row. I’m heading down to Resorts Casino today to pick up my Free Coach Watch valued at $300. Let’s see if I can make it SEVEN profitable trips in a row! 🙂


Reena and I went down the next day to pick up a free Coach watch from the Resorts Casino. We arrived about an hour or so before they were giving away the watches. We decided to play some roulette. We saw a table that had 32 RED (my favorite number that I always bet heavy on) keep coming up, so we picked that table. I cashed in for $1700 and went through it super fast. We had a horrible run of SIX numbers hitting that we had nothing on.

After we left roulette, we wanted to play craps. The tables were all so busy that we had to wait nearly a half an hour just to play on one. Finally some people left and I got to sneak up to a table. I cashed in for $2100 and started to play. The games were up and down… some were hitting points, but most were "sevening out". It was eventually my turn to throw the dice. It was the best throw I EVER PLAYED… and the BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN! I ended up throwing for an HOUR & 15 MINS! I hit four points and a TON of numbers. It was ridiculous, I’m sure it will never happen again. Once I finally sevened out, we went upstairs, got the Coach watch and headed home. After being down $1700, then my super unrealistic craps throw, we ended up $1200 + a Free Coach Watch!

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  1. Congrats Zac! It's great that you are always bringing money home when you go to Vegas! Most of the people dont do that. You must definitly have a positive gambling karma around you!

  2. Resorts International Player's Club Hours

    Sunday through Thursday: 7:00 a.m. – Midnight

    Friday and Saturday: 7:00 a.m. – 2 a.m.

    Hours subject to change

    For More Information Call: 1-800-457-3307

    Not sure they have online stuff.

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