When it comes to web site and blog hosting, there are really only a few names that stand out and have built a name for themselves based off their quality, customer feedback, pricing and reputation. HostGator is a name and service that has excelled in all of these area.

I am currently hosting all of my sites with HostGator across multiple servers of different sizes. What makes HostGator a web hosting company that stands out from the crowd is their ability to offer an amazing service and excellent support while also being extremely competitive with their prices.

HostGator hosting packages start at less $3.71 a month for new web site owners and go all the way up to full dedicated servers for even the largest sites to run off of. With over 8 MILLION domains hosted, 9 years of experience and ranked in the Top 250 sites in the world, HostGator just continues to grow in size and bring in new satisfied customers every day.

Finding the Right Web Hosting Plan For You

As mentioned, HostGator has hosting packages that are built from brand new web site or blogs, all the way up to running virtual and dedicated servers to run some of the largest sites in the world. The main attraction to HostGator is their extremely low rates and how easy they make it for customers to join their site and quickly get setup with a site of their own without needing to be a tech wiz.

Every web hosting package includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth, while also including a site builder and 1 click script installs. These features alone will save a lot of time and frustration for anyone who is looking to start their first site without needing to know how to use FTP and install scripts and applications of their own.

There are plenty of other great features that HostGator offers, such as $100 in Google Adwords credits and killer chat support. Before signing up for a hosting account, look at your current hosting situation and how you expect your web site or blog to grow in the coming months. For the majority of site owners, a shared hosting plan on a BABY server would be more than fine.

HostGator Support is Second to NONE!

When choosing a web hosting service it’s extremely important to sign up with one that has excellent online and phone support. In the past I made the mistake to go with a company because of their pricing and not their support. With HostGator I’ve experienced the best support around. One of my favorite features is their online chat support, which is always available and gets the job done. I love their support so much that I actually wrote up a whole blog post on it!

How Much Does HostGator Cost?

The last question many of you are probably asking is how much a HostGator hosting account will cost. With HostGator they can host web sites and blogs of all sizes, which means you just need to find the right package for you. The three packages below are their most popular, but I highly recommend going with the BABY PLAN, as this will allow you to use unlimited domains on your hosting account and will still cost less than #10 a month for hosting.

Where Can I Find HostGator Coupons?

Even with their low monthly rates on their public site, it’s always good to save a little extra money. HostGator is also great with coupons and occasional discounts. You can use coupon code “ZACJOHNSON” to get your first month of hosting for only 1 cent. If you would like to use my free blog installation service and also sign up for HostGator, I can personally setup and install your blog along with providing you with a quality premium theme and some of the top WordPress plugins for you site.

Use coupon code “ZACJOHNSON” and get your first month of hosting for only 1 cent!

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