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Written by Zac Johnson
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When using a service for the first time, it’s rare for everything to work out and go smoothly. To make a long story short, last minute, I had to head over to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ for the night and needed two hotel rooms. I was quoted a rate of $180 a night from the Hyatt. However, I was previously told hospital visitors get rooms for around $110 a night. Unfortunately the staff member who mentioned the special rate, wasn’t there when I needed to book. I instead went online and used for the first time.

The crazy thing about, is that they show you a listing of hotels by star ratings, and their price ranges. The part that is crazy, is that they don’t tell you the name of the hotel you are staying at until you pay and book your stay. You can select your hotel results by location, but it’s still a toss up.

I took my chance and went for the 4 star rating hotel, listed at $65 a night. Pow! They gave me two rooms at the Hyatt for a super discounted rate! Instant savings of nearly $200 for the two rooms from booking with the Hyatt directly!

As mentioned, this is the first time I’ve used, and it was a great success. I will definitely be using their service again. Next time I might not get the hotel I was hoping for, but the discounts are amazing.

If you are an affiliate and looking to save a few dollars, you could sign up through your own affiliate link and earn an extra 2%. The affiliate program is run through Linkshare. Then use an American Express Plum Card and save another 2% on top of that!

Just wanted to write a quick post on and let you know about my success with them, should you need a quick hotel stay for your next business or pleasure event.

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  1. small world. a relative of mine is having surgery at robert wood johnson in New Brunswick tomorrow. The Hyatt Regency is very nice in New Brunswick, i hope you enjoy your stay. Make sure to visit the Rutgers Grease Trucks very close by for a tasty treat.

  2. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-103035" rel="nofollow">@jim:

    Very small… exact same situation here. I hit the grease trucks a few years ago… definitely a memorable eating experience!

  3. This sounds like an awesome deal. It's kind of scary going in with no idea what hotel you'll end up at, but the star rating should deter anyone from ending up at a location that is too shady. And for a deal like the one you describe, it sounds like it works out really well.

    I'll try using this next time! Thanks!

  4. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-103204" rel="nofollow">@Dave:

    It definitely is. Nothing beats 2% back on all purchases… especially when other cards give reward points worth .01 or 1%.

  5. What a great coincidence that the 4 stars were at the Hyatt! 1/3 price, pretty much, factoring in all the discounts! I'd say you got a bargain, and referrals like this is bound to make Hotwire a roaring success!

  6. Its really tough to find a hotel at a nice price tag. I typically search through countless of servers like hotwire until I find the best priced hotel. Its nice that you were able to save 200!


  7. Mindomo is more like Mindjet, in it’s look and functionality. The ONLY reason I use mindmeister is because Jay and I can use it at the SAME time. Mindmeister is ugly and cannot do very many things, really.

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