How Bloggers Are Earning $100,000 with PostJoint

Right now the world of online marketing and the way we all do business online is rapidly changing. More and more companies are focusing their efforts on content marketing to get exposure on well known web sites and blogs while also building incoming links to their site in the process. As businesses continue to spend money on this type of advertising, bloggers are on the sidelines anxiously waiting to monetize the content on their web sites. Not only to increase the value of the content and experience on their site, but also to make some nice pocket change in the process.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been playing around with a new service called PostJoint, which is an all in one solution for bloggers to get original and quality content for their sites, while also making money in the process. But wait… what about advertisers who are looking to build incoming links to their site? Of course, they also have a full platform solution for advertisers to.

Here’s how it works:

  • Advertisers – Discover the fastest way to get content published on targeted blogs.
  • Bloggers – Find great content for your blog. Monetize your blog in new ways.

Right now the system is setup that you will have to sign up for either an advertiser or a blogger, but you can also sign up for an account as each. This is what I did.

Before walking through the process of how to use the system, let’s quickly cover some features and points I’ve noticed while using the site.

The Benefits of Using PostJoint

  • As a blogger on their site there are a lot of opportunities available. Some are free, but it’s quickly moving towards the all paid platform.
  • On the advertiser side, when you place a new “paid” opportunity on the network, it gets accepted by other bloggers fast.
  • Right now there is no service fee from PostJoint, which means you only have to pay bloggers what they want.
  • Advertisers decide how much they want to pay for each content piece and if they will accept the offers they get.

PostJoint recently announced that bloggers on their network have already earned over $100,000 in just a short amount of time!

Now let’s give you some visuals to better understand how the site works.

We will walk through the process as if we were a blogger and looking to get paid to place content on our sites.

PostJoint Blogger Dashboard

The first thing we are going to look at is the blogger dashboard when you first login. You will see that in this example there are 2 opportunities available (there are usually 25+ when I’ve been logging in). You will also see the “Offers You’ve Made” and “Opportunities” section. These are the two important areas. Now let’s click over to see what opportunities might be available.

PostJoint Blogger Screenshot

Post Opportunities

When you create your blogger account you will need to list your site and choose some categories. The more you pick the better, as this will determine what offers you see. Once you find an offer you like, you can click on it and contact the advertiser. Each offer already has a price next it, which will be “free”, “paid” ($25-$500) and “all considered” which means you can make an offer.


PostJoint Blogger Opps

Below you will see the screenshot of the area where you can fill out your offer information. You also have the option to include a tweet, which is a big benefit for the advertiser. You can also leave your requested fee and a note to the advertiser. Each opportunity will get 5 offers before the advertiser makes their decision on who to award to post to.

PostJoint Make an Offer

Lastly, after your content has been awarded to you and posted to your site you can see a recap of everything in your OFFERS area. This is where you can grab the full article to post on your site, check payment stats and provide feedback to the advertiser.

PostJoint Blogger Offers

If you are interested in seeing how the advertiser side works, you can sign up on their site for free and check it out. You can imagine it’s pretty much the opposite of what was just explained above.

The payment process at PostJoint is quite interested. As mentioned earlier, right now there are no transaction fees at all, but I’m sure this will change once they come out of beta. Through the system, the advertiser makes payments directly through PayPal to the blogger. All transactions and messages are tracked through the PostJoint system.

I’ve seen a lot of guest blogging and content generation systems out there and PostJoint is way ahead of the competition in terms of quality and performance. I highly recommend all advertisers and bloggers check them out.

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  1. Fantastic post!
    Let me try it out and see how it goes.

    Zac, I hope they don't look low on blogs with low Google page rank?

  2. I am not clear on how PostJoint is going to help me make money. However, thanks for providing the links and visuals about this service in this post. Its best to learn how to benefit from this service by signing up. This is what I am going to do right away. Thanks for this post and recommendation!

    This is the comment posted in where this article was shared and "kingged"
    Sunday – contributor

  3. Hi Zac.. !!! You have shared a useful Info for monetising blogs.

    by the way I have the same question as Kingsley Agu has asked …

    Does It matters If there is no PR ?

  4. wow thanks for sharing such useful resource and info to increase revenue it really worth to read.

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  5. PostJoint is a fantastic tool, I have been using it as a blogger and client… My only criticisms are not with the features (well i have discussed them with PostJoint themselves), but in terms of using the site, take note of these facts:

    1) Research the blog your are publishing to… PR and DA listed are not always what they seem. Many bloggers on PostJoint purchase expired domains with history and throw up a blog, in most cases on a different subject matter, without going into to much details, the link will in most cases loose value as they site inevitably will.

    2) Many bloggers sites have either a lack of on SEO or have very poor SEO strategies, especially back links, analyse them first. The link profile of a site I almost accept an offer on last week had lots of Chinese based backlinks, yet the site was in english, so either was a purchased expiring domain or had poor, low quality, non relevant, spammy links built to it to boost pr and da which would inevitably drop.

    3) A quick final point is to blog poor quality sites so further offers will not be received for a campaign, this way you can make the process of posting articles on quality sites, much quicker and easier.

    Finally if your a blogger its a great service once your site is signed up and approved, login, see the articles avialable for your sites relevant content and make offers… Dont be to gready and be realistic.

  6. Hi Zak , I have been to PostJoint but find their categories very specific but you have provided important information here. Thanks for this.
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  7. Hello Zac,
    cool info, i will certainly be giving joint a trial.
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  8. This is a great article. I have started to look into product reviews and hadn't heard of this. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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