How Data Management and Virtualization Can Help Grow Online Businesses

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The business world is quickly changing and adapting with the times. Whenever I walk into a doctors office and see all of the massive files and papers stacked on top of each other it always amazes me. Not only is this a complete waste of time and paper and an old world style of thinking, but there are also a ton of security and personal information issues at hand. What if there is a fire, or someone comes in and steals a ton of paper work?

With the recent advancements in technology there is really no need for massive paper work and indexing of personal files. This applies to many more businesses than just doctor offices, even businesses who are running on old computers and operating systems still need to rely on having their hard drives with them to get anything done.

So what’s the next move? More and more companies are looking to advance their way of business and CDW services have been paving the way for many of these changes. CDW is one of those companies that you’ve probably seen their logo a hundred times but might not have been sure about what they do. In short, CDW is the leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare… with over 250,000 customers and nearly $10 billion in annual sales.

How CDW’s Storage Management and Virtualization Solutions Help Small Businesses Grow

When it comes to security and management of data, thanks to the internet it’s now more secure and easier than ever to grow a business while keeping your data and growth together as one. Whether you are a small or large business, customer data is always important. CDW offers storage management and virtualization services that focus on the following areas.

  • Improve efficiencies by reducing administrative overhead and freeing up IT resources
  • Provide a central data storage management system
  • Reduce data storage maintenance needs and expenses
  • Achieve greater scalability for future growth and flexibility

As mentioned earlier, so many businesses are still running off a paper and hardware platform. Many companies don’t realize how easy and effective it is to get setup with virtual and cloud based technologies to not only store data, but also allow it to be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Is Your Business Moving with Technology, or Falling Behind?

CDW_02The times are changing and it’s now more important than ever for your business to be up to the standard. While you may think it’s beneficial and saving your company by not upgrading, it may also be holding your company back in the long run. We all know that the more we stay behind, the competition moves ahead.

It’s not just storage management and virtualization that CDW specializes in, as they have over 250,000 customers of all sizes. The best way to find out how your business can improve and grow is to contact CDW directly and have a representative explain their options to you. You can also download the free CDW Red Report which breaks down the different options you have and how you can save up to 20-40% on your current storage costs.

Growing Your Business with Storage Management and Virtualization

Not all businesses require storage management and virtualization services, but if you’ve ever dealt with customer data and expanding your business beyond just a few employees it’s definitely something to look into. It’s not only the security of your customers and transactions that you need to think about, but also your security and the employees within the company as well.

Thinking even more about security, what about your business as a whole? Is your business ready for a potential cyber attack or outage? Even if your site is down for just a few minutes, it can be detrimental to not only your bottom line, but also your brand.

These are all issues that CDW is familiar with and they will have a plan that fits the size of your business. Whether you are a 100 person company or have several thousands of employees, CDW offers the following superior services to help you grow your business.

  • Storage Area Networks
  • Blade Servers
  • Storage Management Software
  • Archiving Software
  • E-Discovery Software
  • Data De-duplication
  • Data Storage Virtualization

Download Your Free CDW Red Report

As mentioned earlier, CDW can help businesses of all sizes and they have a new free report that they are offering to anyone who is looking to expand their business while keeping security issues in mind. Download a free copy of their Red Report and get an exclusive insider look on their data management and security services. The major focus of this free report is to show you how to Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40% and also focuses on…

  • Gain Faster Access to Critical Info
  • Provide Better Support for Your Workforce
  • Protect Organizational Data
  • Eliminate Infrastructure Inefficiencies

The business world is changing and it’s now more important to make sure your data and day to day operations are up to the standard. Whether your concern is in your IT department, customer data management or you would just like to look at your options for growth, CDW might be the best option for you. You could be looking at potential savings in the 20-40% range for your business.

Download your free report:

Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40%

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