How I “Almost” Net $1,250 Profit in 10 Mins with Tim Sykes… Again!

Last month I wrote about post on Tim Sykes and how I receive his stock alerts for market trading. That post, titled “How I Quickly Made $700 Profit in 20 Minutes with Tim Sykes” got a lot of attention and I continually get emails all the time asking how well his stocks perform and if they are consistent. I received a new stock alert from Tim earlier today, and here we go again!

The Tim Alert received said the following:

TIMalert: bought 20k GSLO at 80 cent/share, new Apple accessory play, junk company but low marketcap & technical breakout, they like issuing PRs unlike LQMT, goal is $1/share or higher.

By the time I read the alert and checked the stock (which was within 30 seconds), it was already at .89, but Tim has an awesome track record, so I gave it a shot with a few thousand shares at .89. Within a few minutes the stock rockets up to $1.14 per share, putting my earnings at over $1,250 within just minutes. (With 20,000 shares at .80, at the high of $1.14 for the day, Tim was up nearly $7,000) This was all happening pretty fast, and after watching LQMT last month, I know how fast and crazy stocks can move.

It looks like this stock will end the day in the mid .90s (up 35% on the day). Still up on the day, but after seeing the stock his $1.14 earlier today, it’s quite exciting to see where it goes next. I’m still holding my shares, but we’ll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

This is actually the first stock recommendation I’ve acted on the in the past couple weeks from Tim. Whenever I get an alert, I will see if shares are available, but most times Tim is shorting stocks and it’s much harder to get in vs. when he is buying. Tim was on an amazing hot steak during August, but September has started up slow… however this new recommendation looks to be doing pretty well for Tim and his alert subscribers.

Either way, I’m not trying to push this stock or Tim’s service… but instead, keeping you updated as my “Tim Sykes” related posts always seem to be a hot topic!

Tim Sykes’ Stock Alerts

UPDATE: This morning Tim sold his position in GSLO and the following alert was sent out “TIMalert: sold GSLO for decent profit at 0.96ish”. I also sold my position at .92 for a quick profit.

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  1. I just watched the video interview with Tim Sykes and found it educational. I've only messed around with stocks via my 401k, so don't know a lot about them.

  2. Thanks for the info and the post. Do you guys class these as penny stocks (i am from UK). I will also check out Tim Sykes as a few of my friends trade from home and seem to be doing ok from it.Dr N

  3. I don't understand your picture / ad or whatever it is. You have green and red numbers and sometimes green is profit and sometimes it's losses. Looks odd.
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  4. Wow I'm not much of a stock person. I know nothing about any of that. My moms boyfriend worked for Xerox and he did stocks all the time. From what I could tell at the time, he was making good money! It's not for me though.
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  5. hell Zac, I've always wanted to day trade and make that kind of money…. but I've never felt I could trust my mentoring team over these past years since high school, in the 80s….
    Now after reading your six figure ebook and seeing Tim blog site. boy I wish I had the 800 to jump both feet in….
    I'm just getting going with lead generation and cell phone offers with offermobi, …. So I'll wait till I get cash flow from those to switch hit with Tim.
    Thank yo for the post and update…. Tims program is at the top of my list.

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