How I Make Over $1,000 an Hour Blogging!

Wait, does the title of the post really say what I think it says? Yes, actually it does! It is possible to make $1,000 in an hour from blogging, but you can’t expect an immediate payout like that right away. But it’s still very possible, let me explain…

In my last post, “How Much Do Bloggers Really Make?“, I talked about how some of the bloggers in our industry and making lots of money with their blogs. From a few hundred a month to several thousands of dollars, it’s all possible through consistent blogging and with a longterm goal in mind. Just look at the monthly reports from the bloggers who were featured in my last post. Compare their blogging revenue with your goals and put together a plan about how you can do the same.

Enough about the other bloggers… tell me how I can make $1,000 an hour blogging! Ok, ok… back to my post topic!

How long does it take you to write a really good quality post? Probably around an hour or so, depending on the complexities and depth of the post.

Now let’s take a look at a two of my most read posts I’ve written over the past few years.

Both of these posts were loaded up with great content, and they offered a lot of value to the end reader.

In the landing page post, I walked the reader through the process of how to create a great landing page, but also provided them with a nice template I created. Since going live with that post, the template has been downloaded thousands of time.

The second post was a very detailed tutorial on how to create your first ppc campaign, walking the reader through the process step by step.

So big deal… I wrote two great blog posts, how the heck did they end up making $1,000+ in an of blogging? Simple, in each of these post I provided value to the reader, then ended up getting shared on various blogs, and I also used an example in each of the blog posts, which was Neverblue affiliate network. In each of the posts I selected a different offer from Neverblue and walked the user through the process of how to create a new ad campaign, or a landing page.

The result… after thousands upon thousands of people have read through these pages, hundreds of them went on to join Neverblue and start making money with the marketing efforts I suggested. Since going live with the blog, I’ve sent over $2 million in new affiliate business to Neverblue. As a referral to their network, I get a small commission from all referrals.

The earnings from Neverblue isn’t the big deal here… the point I am stressing is that through these super valuable and high quality posts, I’ve been able to make money every day, week, month and year since they went live… so in the end, that one hour or so I spent writing the post and putting the content together, ended up making well over $1,000 per post. Best of all, all of the traffic to these pages are through free traffic sources such as search results and other blogs linking in to the content, so it’s all profit and continual longterm growth.

Secrets to Making $1,000 an Hour Writing Killer Blog Posts

I’ll be the first to tell you that the majority of blog posts you write will never make any where near $1,000 in earnings, nor should they. The majority of posts I publish on this blog are to spread awareness, information and help people make money online. With over 900 posts written on this blog in the past few years, there is probably less than ten posts that have went on to generate four figures on their own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the same.

Here are the secrets to create posts that will generate traffic, revenue and sales for you month after month.

  • Focus on building quality content that provides a solution (tutorial or how to guides)
  • Use examples and resources in your posts that you can earn a commission on.
  • Don’t push sales or products down your viewers throats, use them only as examples.
  • Testimonials and real life examples are key, preach what you know works.

I’m sure some of you are disappointed with the answer to “How Do I Make $1,000 an Hour Blogging?“, but it’s the honest truth and it works. Yes, I used an affiliate network and referrals as an example for this post, but there are many other posts I’ve written that are based on the same concept, but used on different products and services.

If you currently have your own blog or web site, instead of asking yourself how you can make a quick buck, focus your efforts on building quality content that will solve a problem and continue to generate new traffic and revenue for you month after month. This same business model works within any niche. So get to it!

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  1. Hi Zac,

    This is great. I believe if our blogs really provide genuine value, then we fully deserve to gain income from our blogs. The driving force here should be our desire to help-balancing our needs with the needs of our readers.

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. Zac, I am getting my blog ready for an explosion of traffic. I believe I am writing good content and i think people who visit will think so also. I believe that kind of money is possible, but you are right it is a process. thanks

  3. Good post Zac and so true. The better the content the more return visitors you are going to have to your blog plain and simple.

    Great content equals more people sharing your content. Which equals more backlinks to your blog, which equals more money in your pockets from your blog at the end of the day.
    My recent post List 15 Traffic Strategies To Increase Blog, Website, Visitors And Traffic For 2012?

  4. Hey, zac,
    You said it right what you said. People are aware of the potential now. Posts that do not get dead and remain alive for long period of times are very rewarding and gather traffic overtime.
    My recent post Blogging as an Online Business | Earn Money Online Blogging

  5. I think its possible but not yet. It will take years for some people to reach that level.
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