How I Quickly Made $700 Profit in 20 Minutes with Tim Sykes

Written by Zac Johnson
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Every week a new product is released and it promises to give you the secrets of wealth and how to make money online. While most of these are rehashed programs, data and learning methods… some of them are actually great. But what if you go could around the product and follow the exact moves of the mastermind itself! That’s exactly what I have been doing for months now with Tim Sykes.

Today’s layout was too perfect not to post about, and I just had to let more of you know about how great Tim Sykes is at stock trader, and why his learning program is simple the best around.

Here’s how it works, in short. Tim Sykes is a mastermind at trading. He turned his $12,415 in Bar Mitzvah gift money into $2 million, and is the number one investor on Tim’s stock training program includes a ton of learning guides and dvds, but his “Tim Alerts” is where the big money is. Right before Tim buys/shorts a new stock, you are sent a new stock alert… likewise whenever he sells. This alerts are sent by EMAIL and TEXT to cell. You simply buy/sell based on Tim’s recommendation… oh, by the way… he’s almost ALWAYS profitable!

How I quickly made $700+ profit today with Tim Sykes in less than 20 mins.

10:00 AM – I receive the following stock alert: “TIMalert: bought 10k LQMT at .545, signed a mysterious deal with Apple yesterday, could really ramp higher in the next few days”
10:01 AM – I quickly head over to my stock trading site and purchase LQMT. It’s already moving, so I get in at .594.
10:19 AM – I’m keeping a close eye on the “profit for the day” and it’s already swinging upwards of $600, so I put a SELL order in if it hits .69 per share. BANG! Sells all 7,500 shares and I walk away with another $720 profit because of Sykes recommendation.

Now, I usually BUY/SELL whenever I receive a recommendation from Tim, but this one was moving quick and I was happy with the profit in 20 minutes. Tim hadn’t sent out an alert yet to sell, and the stock is now at .84! If I stayed in I would have profited over $1800 within an hour! Obviously, your gain/loss will depend on how much you put into each stock and when you get in/out.

UPDATE: Tim Sykes releases stock alert at 11:53AM – “TIMalert: sold 10k LQMT at 85 cents/share, having trouble making new highs, i gotta play it safe, $3k profit in exactly 2 hours, potential rebuy later though

Tim Sykes isn’t a long term trading and is usually in and out of stocks within a few hours or a day or two. With this said, it’s important to always have access to your Tim Alerts and being able to trade stocks. I have Tim’s alerts sent directly to my cell, then with a click of an app, I have ThinkorSwim load up on my iPhone and I can make a trade almost instantly. Buy/Sell based on Tim’s recommendations and you are set… rinse and repeat!

Take a look at Tim Sykes’ Stock Alerts!

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28 Replies to “How I Quickly Made $700 Profit in 20 Minutes with Tim Sykes”

  1. Awesome profit for 20 mins. If I were going to invest in stocks I would definitely get in on some quality advice like this. Unfortunately I just don't have the cash flow these days.

  2. Interesting. I've come across Tim's stuff before, but not really looked at it in detail. As an affiliate marketer I do find it wise to diversify in your investments; but mine has been trading Forex to date. Maybe I should give Tim more thought.

    So which of his alerts 'packages' do you use, how long you been with him, and what's been your overall success to date? Do you trade on EVERY alert?

  3. I used SILVER. I try and trade on every alert, but sometimes I don't make the trade in time and it jumps too fast, or there simply aren't enough shares (usually when shorting). By the way… LQMT hit $1 today.

  4. Yeah, I saw they hit the $1 mark. Damn, you could've been up around $2.7k by my calculations if you hung in there…

    So, how long have you been trading on the alerts, and what kind of ROI have you averaged so far?

  5. @Laptop Briefcases:

    I have to admit, stock markets aren’t really my kettle of fish. Well, that’s amazing. I think I also got to pop some big idea.

    Congrats! dude, keep it up!

  6. Zac, did you have trading experience prior to Tim's alerts? I've been interested in trying it out but don't know a whole lot about trading.

  7. LQMT hit $1.46 today.. I'm out of it.. how sad! 🙁

    I've been actively trading through Sykes for a few months now. When I get into his alerts on time I'm usually seeing a decent gain…10-30% here and there.

  8. I'm getting old and need to jump on the wagon.

    How much do you need to start? What kind of monthly or yearly payments are we talking here?

    This makes me want to get an account and just do exactly what Tim does and leave it at that.

  9. It's usually $500 to open an account with Ameritrade, eTrade and Scottrade. I use ThinkorSwim, which is my favorite. I think they want around $2-$3k to open new accounts. Trading results depend on how often and how much you trade.

  10. It seems interesting and I have been planning to try it for years. But this time I'll set up an account and get started.

  11. Is he basically taking us for a pump and dump then? Get a bunch of subscribers to juice up the stock, dump first, then tell us to dump?

  12. This is very interesting… but I just wonder if with a big list behind he is not manipulating the stock price of small caps…

  13. Tim Sykes and Zac Johnson Rocks!

    You are such a great inspiration. Getting that big in less than an hour is amazing. I'll also try trading soon and will find a friend for biz partnership.

    Keep the blogs coming…

  14. Wow! Sounds like there's some serious profits to be made with Tim's Alerts!

  15. @Zac Johnson:

    thanks for the response…how has those perform you since then? and would you say most are shorts? I know he sends out the alerts after he does his own trading…how does that affect your buying decision? i would assume the faster u act the better before all other subscribers jump in too.

  16. You can check Tim's previous trades on the site. He does not sell right after his alerts, so they shouldn't affect the outcome that much. It's very important to have trading access within a short time of Tim sending his alerts out.

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