How Much Do Bloggers Really Make?

You read their web sites, you know what they look like, and you may have even been in contact with them at blogging and affiliate marketing events… they are bloggers. What used to be a way to rant about your opinions and feelings, or writing down your daily dairy… is anything but anymore. Blogging is serious, and when you mix it with the right marketing, it can make a lot of money!

There was a great post written up at Performance Marketing Insider, that did a whole write up on how top bloggers are making their money, what types of blog monetization is being used, and monthly breakdowns of where each dollar comes from. It’s a great post and I recommend you checking it out.

The list below is an excerpt from the full article, which points out a selected few bloggers, how they are making their money and they breakdown of monthly earnings. If you’ve ever wanted to make money blogging, reading over each of these blogger’s monthly earnings report is a must. Some of these guys are pulling in over $40,000 a month!

Hesham Zebida – Famous Bloggers Network

I made big earnings compared to the last months, and I spent almost all the money here and there, buying stuff and not thinking about tomorrow for the first time(!)

  • Most profitable strategies: Thesis Awesome Theme Skins (own product), Optimize Press Theme, Genesis Theme customization
  • Link to October 2011 Earnings Report

Justin Germino – DragonBlogger

[T]he interesting thing to point out is that this was my highest earning month yet not my highest traffic month which shows that earnings can increase without traffic increasing.

  • Most profitable strategies:, Kindle Fire articles
  • Link to December 2011 Earnings Report

Ana Hoffman – Traffic Generation Cafe

I made it my priority to work on improving rankings for my product reviews specifically, but also other posts that have great potential to capture a high number of Google users. … This [2012] will be the year for me to turn Traffic Generation Cafe from a hobby into a business.

TriNi – Make Money Online Free

I recently started back college, trying to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Accounting) . . . and also still working full time and taking care of a household, life has kept me pretty busy! However, I have still been making money online from this blog …

Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

November was a good reminder, once again, that diversity is extremely important. … November and December are historically the slowest month’s for sales on the website – professionals aren’t studying during the Holidays . . . the environment you work in has a major impact on your work flow and productivity.

Laura – Passive Income from Your Dorm

There are many ways that you can earn money from your dorm room. I’ve decided to write this blog for those of us in a position of trying to earn money while in school. Ultimately, I hope to be able to look back . . . and state that I am earning my entire income online.

  • Interesting strategies: Writing local, college-life artices for online news magazine
  • Link to Contributor Earnings for November 2011

Eric – My 4-Hour Workweek

If I had to pick a word that sums up my past couple months of online work, it would be this: irony. Both December and November were highly productive months, yet somehow, they have led to two of my lowest consecutive earning months. [*]

The quote is from Eric’s end of year report, however, the earnings report linked to here is one in which he discusses how his earnings were affected by the Google Panda update.

Take Your Blogging Skills & Earnings to the Next Level

If you like keeping track and learning how bloggers are making money with their blogs,  another cool site to check out is You will find some useful information, along with links to top blogs, and their running earning amounts over the course of the past year.

Now that you have a good idea about how much money can be made through blogging, you better started with your own monetization path. Still not sure how to make money on your own, or want to see how six figure bloggers are making money? Download my free Six Figure Affiliate Blogging guide, it’s 100% free.

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    I know I do well. It is a lot of work blogging but well worth it!
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