How Much Do You Make Per Hour?

Written by Zac Johnson
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One of the most pondered and sacred questions you may have about your friends, family or co-workers… is “how much do they make per hour?”. This post will tie back into my “Your Job Sucks? Six Reasons to Be Your Own Boss Now!” post, as it relates to working a “regular 9-5 job”, vs. working for yourself or being an online marketer.

When someone asks the question, “How much do you make per hour?“, the average person would think about how many hours they actually work at their job, and divide it out by their salary. When you talk to an online marketer, who is working for themselves, they have a completely different mindset. An online marketer is not limited to how many hours they work, but how much money they can make. Instead of looking at their day as a set number of worked hours, everything is on a scale of 24 hours. If you are a self employed affiliate marketer and making $100,000 a year… you are essentially making $11.42 per hour. (8,760 hours in a year X $11.42 = $100,000).

When you are working for someone else, or a company, you are instantly limited by how much you can make. You can only get so many promotions, and work so many hours in a day. Even doctors or lawyers that have their own firms have these same limitation.

The power of making money online is phenomenal. Next time you are looking for your next job, would it be better for you to make $15 an hour working for someone else, or making $3.57 every hour, every day online. The current minimum wage in the US is $6.55 per hour, if you were able to maintain that minimum wage per hour working for yourself online, you would be making over $57,000 per year! ($6.55 x 24 hours a day)

Try not to look at the big picture of $100,000 a year, but how you can start making $5 to $20 a day online consistently and automated. Remember, making money online is 24 hours a day, 365 days per year! There are NO limitations!

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22 Replies to “How Much Do You Make Per Hour?”

  1. You're right, people need to get away from 'time-based' income. I have some information products and a membership site online, and can't think of anything better than having your own business with no employees!

  2. Great post. I was thinking about this the other day. I was very scared to leave my full time job in September because I made about $40 an hour when you cut my salary into 8 hr days. (or $12.50 an hour every hour of the day), which isn't a bad gig, but…

    3 months into doing affiliate marketing full time and I'm making an average of $300 an hour every hour of the day. which is better? hmmmm, yeah.

  3. Well my day job only pays me about USD4 per hour…that is cheap labour especially working in a multinational company in Asia. That is the fact. With blogging, i can make some extra money from advertising or review…check out my newly launched love blog – Cupid Blogger Dot Com

  4. Good point. And best part is if your blog is read by everyone in the world and not only limited to people in one nation, then it doesn't really matter what time you post, people will be reading it while you sleep because it's day in their country.

  5. Another informative post on this blog. Cant figure out in hours but i earn $1500-2000 per month by doing affiliate marketing. I've also subscribed via RSS on this blog. Thanks mate keep up the good work.;)

  6. Great post, Zac. Thinking about it in those terms helps put all that hard work into perspective and helps you better decide where to spend your time. When I calculated that I made $1,486.70 an hour last year, it forever changed how I would view future opportunities.

  7. I've never been a fan of working for anyone and my first real job was working for myself. Although it's nice being guaranteed a pay check each week, I just don't think it's worth the trade-off. I've always said that I would rather make $25k working for myself than $100k working for someone else.

  8. There is a different mentality involved. Business owners and people who are self employed have much more self confidence and are willing to take risks.

  9. Those cartoons are Brilliant! The thing about working for yourself is that it can be a very insecure feeling knowing that only you are responsible and in charge and that you have no one to blame but yourself in the end. You may limit yourself with a regular job, but at least you know where your paycheck is coming from.

  10. Yes of course working for myself is the best choice!! Who wants to work for people anyway?? Working for ourselves and be our own boss- having the decision making power on hand, spending time with family and with loved ones will be the greatest thing ever! It is US to decide how much we want to earn!

  11. I have been working for myself for quite a while now and I must say that it has transformed my life. Cool post!

  12. Interesting post. It reminds me of a segment I saw one time where it listed how much some of the richest and/or most influential people make per minute (every hour of every day). With sports great Michael Jordan (who also has a marketing empire including the Air Jordan shoes and his own personal cologne) and computer software king Bill Gates on the list, the numbers were astounding. Can you believe that many people make more in a minute than the average American makes in an entire year!?


    Thanks for sharing your insight, it's really good to get a fresh perspective on the difference between "earning money" and "creating wealth."

  13. Great points and even more reason to become a full time internet marketer. I would love to make as much an hour as I do at my day job but for all 24 hours in the day…without the work!

  14. One thing that you say, but don’t point out, it that when you work for someone else, you are only earning money those hours you are actually sitting at your desk. With affiliate marketing you can make money 24 hours per day, and you can be off doing other things while you are earning that money!

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  16. I love this article. I would love to work only for myself but it takes time to build everything up.
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