How Much Money are You Losing with CPA Offers?

Think back to your last killer ad campaign. How many sign ups did you send to the back end company? Probably thousands… and you probably made several thousands of dollars in cash during the process. Seems like good money, but you received your money while the back end company is still cashing in on those users every day! You paid the cost to acquire that lead, why not keep them around a little longer? Here’s how…

Instead of Getting Paid Once for a Lead, Get Paid Several Times Over

STEP 1: Signup to Aweber… it’s only $20 a month and it will pay for itself in the long run!
Why do you need aweber? Simply because it’s one of the best mailing and automated systems around! Through Aweber you will build an awesome mailing list to continually up sell to your site visitors, that will keep generating money for you forever! Don’t want to spend $20 a month, there are other free mailers and autoresponders around, but Aweber gets the job done for me.

STEP 2: Create a Site / Landing Page
Instead of direct linking to your ad campaign, you should have your own landing page or site. If you already have a landing page, perfect. Instead of pushing your site visitor off to your cpa landing page, have them submit their email address first. You can keep your current site or landing page in tact, just remove the links and add in a submission form.

STEP 3: The Process
Promotion: You can promote your cpa offer the same way you always have, whether that be ppc, social networks or organic search.

Building Your Landing Page: If you have a cpa offer that has a landing page that sells itself, you don’t need to write much on your site. You just need to list key points and get the user to submit their email.

Email Process: Once the user hits your landing page, the goal is to get them to submit their email. In the chart above, I show my free landing page template which explains the key points on the offer. I would then have a subscribe form on that page which tell the user to submit their email to receive “Five Quick Weight Loss Tips“, or simply to ask the user to input their info to see if they are qualified. This form would be through Aweber. After the submission of the form, the user can then be passed on to the affiliate offer, which they originally came for. Through Aweber, this is a double-opt in process. If you have an alternative mailing solution, you can increase conversions by doing single opt in, and sending the user right to the offer after they submit their info.

Not only have you now engaged the user into a process, increasing the chance they will signup for your end offer, but you now have their email address on record. Once they receive that email from Aweber to confirm their info, you can follow up to them with other related offers, or setup an auto-responder to send them an email a few days later and ask if they requested their free trial.

The opportunities here are limitless and open to any niche market. Get creative and you may find some new ways to heavily increase your ROI. Don’t let your next big ad campaign only make you money once… but forever.

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  1. Hey Zac, do you change the "Try It Free Today" button on the LP to an email submit that then takes them to the offer page, or do you still have the button there and take them to another page where they sign up for the list first and the go to the offer.

    If you just put the email capture on the LP, doesn't Google slap you for that? I've heard from quite a few people that Google doesn't like landing pages that are only there to capture someone's email like that.

    Is that just a myth or is there a proper way and an improper way to do this. I definitely think an email list would be a good idea.

  2. I don't see any difference in using Aweber and the free messaging system in the internet such as Yahoo!, Google and Hotmail. $20 is a big chunk of earnings.

  3. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-94912" rel="nofollow">@Paul Piotrowski:

    I would setup a landing page which focused on the email capture, and key points what I was promoting. Send the user to the offer page through the aweber confirmation.

    If you are having problems with Google QS, try with MSN and Yahoo. I haven't had any problems getting a "Good" QS from these types of sites. Build them up with content pages and make it feel like a real site.

  4. what a lame post. so you’re saying “you should capture email addresses” and providing affiliate links to aweber… how ground-breaking.

    jesus. hang it up.

  5. @Zac Johnson:

    Thanks. Do you offer them anything for the email addy like an eBook or special report, or just tell them they'll get a "Newsletter" or something which means they get added to an email list where you email them offers for that niche?

  6. @Zac Johnson:

    Also, one more thing I wanted to ask. If you do offer them a report, or newsletter, or eBook or whatever, or even just send them emails, do these people know the info is coming from you?

    Meaning, if I wound up on your page, and put in my email address, would I then be getting emails from Zac Johnson? In the example above you use Acai Berry for example. So would I then be getting emails from Zac Johnson on "Weight Loss Tips" etc.? Or do you keep "anonymous"?

    I'm just wondering because most landing pages or direct linking kind of keeps you the affiliate in the background and the customer doesn't even know you are getting paid. Most people assume they are dealing directly with the offer provider, such as Acai Berry etc. But if you put yourself in the middle, doesn't that expose you to complaints later on if the offer sucks, or the customer complains that they didn't know their CC will be auto-charged etc.?

    Just wondering how you deal with that.

  7. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-94937" rel="nofollow">@Paul Piotrowski:

    You can offer them a free incentive, or do a "qualify" method. Telling them to enter their email and state to see if they are qualified. Then have the autoresponder be their confirmation, which then sends them to the cpa offer.

    You can set the emails to say they are from anyone, or any email. Through aweber this can be setup easily, which is why I recommended them.

    You may get a few emails here and there. If it gets too overwhelming, you can hire someone to answer the few emails each day for you.

  8. So do you use Zac Johnson when sending these out?

    Or do you just send them out from the domain. Meaning, lets say that you registered a domain "" or whatever and then captured their email, and then the email would come from "" with like "Dear _______, we have a new trial offer available… " and then "Sincerely, The ABC Diet Offer Team" or something like that where you're not officially identifying yourself as Zac.

    I'm just wondering how you do it. If you used your name, wouldn't you potentially have people harassing you on this Blog saying "I bought a research grant from you and they haven't refunded my money!" and stuff like that on CPA offers that to auto-billing for example.

  9. The fact that you didn't explain to people about making subscribers double opt in to the list makes me feel like you don't actually do this, but rather want to sell aweber to your readers.

  10. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-94970" rel="nofollow">@Chris Hunter:

    Chris Hunter, through Aweber it has to be double opt-in. Through testing on multiple sites and landing pages, I have seen around a 60% confirm/click rate. If you chose another solution over aweber, and only do single opt-in, you may find better conversions.

  11. Do you kept each campaign you run into separate lists and send them only related offers in the future or do you funnel them all into one and send them anything you think may convert even if it may be in a completely different niche then what they originally gave their email address from?

  12. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-94989" rel="nofollow">@Chris:

    Separate lists and related offers. If you are doing a biz opp offer, there are many related offers you can hit them with. If you are doing weight loss, you can cover different angles, such as exercise equipment, training ebooks/videos, diet pills and more.

  13. Worst post of 2008. Hands down. No new information and even the recycled garbage that WAS posted was not explained correctly.

  14. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-95065" rel="nofollow">@Ad Hustler:

    It's obvious that aweber is a double confirmation system, the post was updated to make it clear for anyone who didn't already know that.

  15. This is the only way to really grow an affiliate business. Good advice, I can testify to the effectiveness of this.

    I like topica better though, although from what I recall Topica is more expensive.

  16. Some of you guys are so slow I mean really. Think about it all cpa is is affiliate marketing without clickbank. The same tactics apply. If you send someone to landing page offering a free gas card or laptop or what have you, get there email so what. even if they don't convert right then you have that email to keep hitting them with email submit offers you know someone will bite one. Yeah it may cost some cash to get this list built but It will pay for itself in the long run. Good post man I feel you I swear I was thinking if this would work as well just the other day.

  17. Zac,

    Your blog posts continue to build the "entire" affiliate foundation. You touch on both the big picture topics – as well as the "smaller picture" stuff.

    This post for instance is just another subject that up-and-comings need to know about – as well as consider and test. Thank you for including it!

    But do you know what I respect about you more than almost any of the fantastic posts you've written? There's got to be something good about a guy who leaves negative and utterly disrespectful posts from people on his blog…

    There's just something about that that oozes with smug confidence in his abilities… I love it. KEEP IT UP!!!

    I have applied many tips I've read from your blog and seen improvements in my biz.

    Thank you.

  18. Correction above:

    I meant to say: " (who leaves ) disrespectful comments from people on his blog"

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