How ORMs are Cleaning Up Your Online Reputation

When is the last time you did a search for a company, product or brand through Google? It probably was recently and something you also may have noticed was that some negative results appear at the top of the search engines. This of course makes sense, as Google wants the best content to appear for all search users. However, if you are a company that is appearing in the search results and people are seeing negative feedback, this is something that you definitely don’t want.

So what are the options that you have?

In many cases some companies will just leave their results as is and try to fix the problem on their own. Other companies that are smart will look into the service of reputation management to give their brand a better name.

In all honesty, if you are a successful company than there is a good chance that some small percentage of all your customers are going to complain about something at some point. This doesn’t mean a few bad critics should take over the thousands or even millions of success stories that you already have.

Here we can see an example of how Google provides us with “smart search” alternatives for the word “reputation management”.

Reputation Management in Search

At the same time, while many people are looking at Google, there is a whole other world of social networking and information being spread around the web. This means it’s important for you to not just focus on one solution, but a way to combat everything out there.

It’s not just about search, it’s about social media too — which is a topic that Fox News covered in one of their articles as well. If someone was to search for your name or brand online, what would they find? This would also be a main concern for anyone who might be applying for a new job position, as more companies are now taking their search online before accepting resumes for a position.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential recruiter, and Google yourself,” says Todd William, CEO of Reputation Rhino

Whether it’s search, social or media coverage… perform your own due diligence to see what appears in the search engines when you search for something, then seek out the appropriate methods on how to fix the situation, or in many cases… an online reputation management team.

How to Clean Up Your Google Search Results

While no one can have total control over what appears where in the search results, you can build a protective wall around your brand by actually owning the content that is out there. A good example of this would be to implement each of the following methods in your personal and business brand name.

– A main web site
– A blog (personal resume and business)
– Social profiles across Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn
– Pinterest and Instagram, with only clean content
– Interviews on other sites and blogs (when applicable)

The more of these methods you implement, the more likely you are to rank higher in the search results around your brand.

So How Does Reputation Management Work?

In the end, reputation management is a lot like SEO but on steroids. When you want reputation management done for your brand, name or company it’s a lot more than just ranking positive content higher in the search results… it’s about keeping it there and also monitoring the reputation of your brand and search results over time. Now that anyone has the ability to log into Facebook or Twitter and start writing about anything they want (whether that be positive or negative), a simple tweet or status update can cost huge companies millions of dollars in lost sales and advertising.

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  1. Zac – awesome post on! The concept of the ORM industry is truly an invention born out of necessity. It's scary how in just a split moment your entire life can come under siege by false and malicious posts on complaint boards.

    ORM is a necessity for EVERYONE.

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  3. People take note! you never know what people will place online about you that may cause you to miss out on life changing opportunities. Perception is reality online….unfortunately for many!

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  5. I've actually come across advertisements they've posted and seen as you've said how they seem to be just ahead of the curve in terms of finding a HOT niche with little competition!

    I would think something like this is a MUST for the highly successful companies and at least a strong consideration for the 'smaller' entrepreneurs!

    The last thing any hard working marketer needs is to be sabotaged by some irate loose cannon making comments that aren't warranted!

    Great topic choice and appreciate you spreading the word!

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  6. This is amazing. I have had a few people ask me if they knew of a status like this.

  7. Amazing that this type of work is needed, but thank goodness I can get my online reputation cleaned up.

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  13. Knowledge is power… Good work Zac! The ideas behind ORM are becoming more and more commonplace throughout today's society. The entities that are aware of these concepts have already established themselves as powerhouses in the online world. People should be asking themselves, "Is my online reputation relevant to my desired path in life?". Google Search your name or the relevant keyword/entity pertaining to the situation at hand. Think about what you would like your ideal online reputation to look like… then go to and let them work their magic.

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