How Split Testing Won the White House

The 2012 presidential election is over, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t learn from it.

With social media and online marketing now more important than ever, stats and details are coming out about just how effect the President’s email marketing and social networking teams really were.

The Science Behind Those Obama Campaign E-Mails

Campaign for president conceptFor anyone that was a fan or follower of Obama/Democrats, you probably received a bunch of emails during the months leading up the election. There’s also a good chance that you even donated money to their campaigns.

I say “a good chance” because all of the emails that were sent out where specifically built and written in a way to be extremely effective.

Business Week came out with an excellent article that shows just how effective split testing different titles and wording email campaign emails is.

How Split Testing Won the White House

None of this information was released during the campaign, but now that it’s over, all the information is out there. It’s a great article to read and really shows the importance of split testing in small groups before sending out to your massive lists.

Want another gem from the article without having to read through the whole thing?

The bottom line: Obama’s e-mail fundraising team tested hundreds of grabby subject lines. The most successful—“Hey”— brought in millions of dollars.

And even though the election is over… don’t even think you will stop seeing emails from the White House any time soon!

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