How to Backup WordPress Using blogVault

There are few things that are worse than seeing “database corrupted” or any of the other famous errors that WordPress may be giving you.

Wordpress Database ErrorHowever it’s not just database errors you need to worry about…

  • Security updates
  • Hacker / DOS attacks
  • Coding issues
  • Server disriptions

Any of these wonderful issues can completely wipe out your blog and the hundreds or even thousands of blog posts that have been written for your site.

For times like these you need to make sure you have a backup plan in place.

If you don’t have some form of daily backup, you really should.

It’s one thing to do manual backups… server backups are nice, but having a system in place that backs up every few hours is the best option you have.

That is exactly what blogVault offers through their WordPress backup service.

I recently signed up to the service and set it up with one of my new blogs to try it out.

The process was extremely easy to setup and I can break it down in a few steps for you below.

Once you sign up for a new account, or free trial, you just need to add your web site to your account, then install the blogVault plugin through their system (or manually).

That’s it! You are already setup… but let’s now look at the features you now have within your account.

When you login to the system you will the site you are tracking along with all of the latest backup details and how you can download a backup to your hard drive or through dropbox (which is sent through email to download), setup restores and also check the history of backups from your WordPress database.

blogVault Dashboard

It’s a very seamless system and one that’s set and forget… yet one that you hope you will never really have to use!

When you look through the History / Restore area you will see a breakdown of the latest backup, which grabs everything you need to completely restore your site from the most previous working version. BlogVault will store 30 days of backups at any given time.

blogVault History Backups

Compared to other WordPress backup services out that, blogVault compares very well in pricing and services.

The personal package is $9 per month ($89 per year) and includes backup use for 1 site. The agency package at $19 per month allows backups for three sites and they also have a $39 monthly package for 7 sites. This is much cheaper than the famous VaultPress, which is currently $15 per month/per site.

If you aren’t currently backing up your WordPress sites, it’s only a matter of time before something back happens and you potentially won’t be ready or able to fix it.

blogVault is currently offering a free 7 day trial for anyone interested in using their service.

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