How to be a Super Hero Internet Marketer

Have you ever wanted to be a super hero? Of course… we all have!

One of the best things about being a super hero is having a super power… but the big question is always, which is the best?

Would you rather have super human strength, the ability to fly, be invisible or read minds?

In today’s post we are going to highlight some of the ways online marketers and bloggers have some of the same traits as super heroes. We may not be able to fly through the skies and shoot fire balls from our hands, but as entrepreneurs we are still a pretty powerful bunch to mess around with.

Which of these super human traits do you hold?

  • FLIGHT – Your ability to fly above the competition
  • INVISIBILITY – The ability to see opportunities where others can not
  • FIRE – Your burning desire to always do better
  • STRENGTH– Your will to succeed no matter how many times you have failed before
  • MIND READING – The ability to tap into the mind of your audience and customers

If you could have any super power, be sure to list your favorite in the comments section below!

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  1. I think reading other people's mind is the best power ! thanks for sharing this awesome post !
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  2. Great Post ,thats right, everyone has a Super Hero to unleash and read your audience mind should be the first thing to apply on a campaign

  3. Nice Slide Show. I really liked the way you compared the internet marketer with Super Hero.
    Thanks for the slide 🙂
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