How to Buy & Sell Sites on Flippa

Just a few year ago, if you wanted to buy or sell a web site, SitePoint forums was the place to do. However, once they revamped the whole system and launched, the process and resource has just been amazing. Now millions of dollars worth of web sites are being bought and sold every month through Flippa. I’ve purchased web sites of all different sizes through Flippa, and quickly approaching the six figure mark in the amount I’ve spent on their web site.

This thursday (April 14th, 2011), I’d like to invite you to join a webinar I’m doing with John Chow, Tyler Cruz and the co-founder of Flippa Matt Mickiewicz. We will cover the basics of buying and selling on Flippa, but also what we look for when buying a web site, how to create a winning listing to sell your web site and how you can get inspired to explore new niches by viewing successful listings on Flippa.

There is only room for 1,000 attendees and I know this webinar is getting passed around quickly, so spots are filling up. Matt has graciously agreed to give $2,000 of Flippa credits to the first 100 attendees ($20 per attendee) at the webinar. This credit is good for new and current Flippa users! If you’ve never tried Flippa before, now is the perfect time to get started.

Be sure to leave a comment with any questions or different areas you would like to see covered during the webinar.

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      1. Awesome effort to further improve Flippa, can't go to the seminar due to location mishaps but hope you can post an update on what was discussed. GL
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  1. I read John Chow's book, I'm friends with Zac and Tyler and well.. I love Flippa (actually the old SitePoint marketplace more) so count me in!

  2. Nice cartoon by John Chow! haha.
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  3. Should be a good one, I'm online and ready to watch!
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  4. I thought I couldn’t watch any webinar from the blogging experts good thing you posted a replay. Too bad I wouldn’t have the $20 credit but the information here is worth more than just $20.

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