How to Cash In with Halloween Affiliate Programs

Now that we highlighted some of the best halloween affiliate programs on the internet and broke them down based on their payout rates and where you can join their programs, it’s now important to discuss the many different ways that you can make money by promoting their sites. With Halloween more than a month away, this still leaves plenty of time for you to get everything together and cash in on the massive spending that is about to take place. Even if you don’t completely implement all of the ideas you have in your head right now, this just means you will be even more ready next year when Halloween comes around again.

Creating a Halloween Costume Review Site

Once October hits everyone will be flocking to search engines to look for the best Halloween costumes and what other people are saying about the costumes and how they actually feel and look. With this in mind, Halloween costume review sites are an excellent way to get free search engine traffic and site visitors who are already in a buying more.

There is no need to try and sell every costume that is available, instead you can focus on the most popular costumes, men or women’s top costumes, niches like comics and movies or even a site focused on just providing coupon codes to customers. All of these ideas are great for providing quality content for the millions of people who are going to be searching Google to buy their Halloween costumes online.

Dropship & Sell Costumes with Higher Profit Margins

If you are looking for bigger profit margins on Halloween costumes, one of the best ways to do this is through drop shipping. Instead of promoting a Halloween affiliate programs and earning 10-15% per referred sale, you can link up with a drop shipper and set your own prices and handles the orders. The good thing about drop shipping is that you can create your own prices and terms, but don’t have to hold the inventory. Once an order is placed through your site, you handle the order and pass it along to your wholesale drop shipper, where you pay their discounted rate and they will ship it out to your customer. The difference between the price on your site and what you pay the drop shipper is your profit. BuyCostumes currently has this option listed on their site.

Build a Social Halloween Costume Fan Page

It’s no secret that people on Facebook love to share their content, join fan page and show what’s going on in their lives. Combine all of these factors into one and you can create a killer Halloween costume fan page of your own. In addition to having thousands of people liking your page, you can include the top costumes, have people submit pictures of themselves in costumes and occasionally link people back to your site where they can find more information or purchase the costume through an affiliate link. Just think about how much traffic is going to be sent around from people adding costumes to sites like Pinterest! How can you tap into that market?

Spirit Halloween is killing it on Facebook with their fan page. They already have well over a million fans and they are using contests to drive more likes and people to their site every day. Just wait til October comes around and these numbers will quickly explode. It would be amazing to see how much of their sales increase based off their social network exposure this year.

Create Niche Sites on Top Selling Costumes

There will always be niche searches and audiences for Halloween costumes. Visit any major costume site and they are always changing their main page with the latest costume crazes. In the screenshot below you will see the latest niche costume for Sailor Moon that is pushing. How many people are going to be typing in “sailor moon costumes” and all of the top movies and trends that happened this year? Instead of going nuts and trying to market every costume ever created, there is a ton of money to be made just by creating and focusing on smaller niche costumes and sites.

Promote Your Own Affiliate Offers and Surveys

It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing all of the ridiculous email and zip submit offers targeting Halloween offers. Everything from free candy, gift cards, favorite costumes and surveys will be covered. You can join any major affiliate network to find a bunch of these offers or you can actually create your own version of these offer, which you can then promote through ppv and media buying. This method is a bit more advanced than simply building a site and linking to an affiliate program, but it also comes with better margins and faster profits if you know what you are doing.

No matter how you plan to make money promoting Halloween affiliate programs and offers, it’s all about catering to your audience. Take a few ideas from each of the methods above and see what you can come up. Creating something that combines the power of social networks, user generated content and fulfillment through an outside company or affiliate program is an excellent way to plan out your Halloween monetization idea.

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