How to Contact Google Adsense

While Google Adsense may not be the best way to monetize a web site or blog, it’s still generating millions of dollars in revenue daily for Google and all of it’s publishers. However, with a company the size of Google, you would hope that they had a great support team to manage the massive amount of sites serving their ads.

Should Google ever find a problem with the way you are serving Adsense on your web site, you are sure to get a violation. This email will come directly from the Google Adsense team, and will provide the following: Violation Found, Requested Action, Account Status and the Issue ID#. You will also receive the same email/notice within your Google Adsense account.

If you send a reply back to the email from which you got the violation notice, you will receive the following response back.


Thank you for your message. Our policy support team will not be able to assist you through the channel you’ve used to contact us.

To contact us, please visit our Help Center:

You can also view information on our program policies:

Thanks for your understanding.


The Google AdSense Team

So what’s a Google Adsense publisher to do? Actually, you can still get in touch with Google, but they don’t make it as easy and obvious any more. Imagine having thousands of publishers that continually send in questions that are very simple and already outlined in the Google Adsense Help Center.

Contacting Google Adsense

Here are your options for contacting Google Adsense support and getting a response:

  • Use the Help Center and Adsense Forum – Not my favorite option, but someone may already have discussed the problem you have at hand. Check out this whole area first. In this area you can talk with both Adsense users, and hopefully someone from the Adsense team.
  • Adsense Policy Issues – The most important issues and reasons to contact Google Adsense are usually related to Violation issues. After going through a massive amount of help pages and links sending you back and forth, you should eventually end up at a page about Adsense being disabled, which then leads to a page that has a contact form for Adsense Policy issues.
  • Report Violations – Google also have an option to contact them regarding any copyright, accidental clicks or non-compliant ad violation issues.

It seems when companies get to a certain size, the customer support never seems to be the same that it once was when they were smaller. Google Adsense used to offer support through email, but you know have to find your way through their Help Center to actually get a real response from someone. Hopefully these links and resources have helped you contact Google Adsense, should you ever need to!

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    1. It's never fun to have to search all over when you NEED to just get a hold of someone. 🙁 Support should always rank higher than it does.

  1. Millions of $$ for Google, not for advertisers 🙂
    I don't like AdSense and not use it at all.
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    1. Billions for Google, Millions for Publishers. Some sites actually do really well off Adsense. FireFox makes millions partnering with Google, and so do the ezine/article directories.

  2. lol, i was used to contacting them by Helper Center. I had an adsense account banned last year due to too many invalid clicks, contacted google several times to explain what happened, showed them traffic history etc…
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    1. They've always been good with me when I've had to contact them directly. It's just digging through the mess and the help center to finally get in contact with someone that is an issue.

  3. I have never been able to get an Adsense account approved yet mainly because of the way they have the communications. I can't get directly to any of them and their emails don't direct me to the right place.

  4. I did contact Google when they disabled Adsense from one of my blogs using the form you suggested, and have never heard back from them. They really don't care; customer service is only for those people that help them earn millions.
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  5. I had a lot of my content on an adsense revenue sharing site copied onto another site by someone who was also using adsense on his site and I tried to get to them for weeks but got no response. Thankfully blogger was more helpful. I mailed them about the site having copied content and it was deleted within 24 hours.

  6. Google Adsense is still one of the best money-making earner for new publishers like me. And to continue receiving passive income from CPC, I'll follow their policies at heart. And I will continue using it until such time my affiliate income surpass Adsense income.

    1. Google Adsense is massive… their ads are all over the place and probably always will be. It's a great way for the average person to earn money off a site without having to know anything about advertising and dealing with payments.

  7. One time, I made a hosting change on one of my sites that changed my web address from a sub-domain name to an actual domain name and I forgot to tell Google Adsense. They canceled my fact, they canceled ALL of my Google accounts including my Google Affiliate Network account. It took weeks, but I eventually got my Google Adsense account back but I could never get my Google Affiliate Network account back.

    It was a big headache!

  8. Man I'm so sick of the Google Gods. Their response seems to be the same email response they provide for violating their Google Adwords. I just don't think they care. They seem to forget without us, they are nothing. Keep up the good work. -Chad
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  9. Is ad sense work on free blog also. because last time i made account for free blog, ad sense did not work, so after that i did not try, last time my friend was asking me about this program. but i did not say anything, today i found a good info.

  10. I got a warning several weeks ago, I checked all of my sites, only one tiny problem. I corrected it within 3 business days. I still worry about something wrong and get my account canceled. Therefore I don't use adsense on some of my sites at all.
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  11. Hello Zac, I was searching for how to contact Google when I found this article. I have gone through almost all the help articles Google has, but no issue fits with mine. I have asked the forum for over a week now but haven't gotten any response.

    When I first applied to adsense I used my primary site and it wasn't approved, instead of trying to make some corrections and re-applying with the account, I decided to use a new niche site I created but it still wasn't approved. So I thought that it will be easier to get my primary site approved for adsense than to get the new site approved, because the other site is new and not enough content is one of the reasons they don't approve sites, and since it is new it has less traffic too. So I worked on my primary site to get it approved, after several attempts it was approved for adsense.

    I hoped that since I now have an adsense account I can publish adsense in the other site that was initially turned down for adsense, but I was wrong. I have tried publishing adsense on that site, but it doesn't display the ads, not even a sign of it. It leads me to believe that Google adsense team automatically set their servers not to publish ads on sites that have been disapproved for adsense.

    This niche site will be great for adsense, the pages are well optimized and it has high CPC, so not using adsense will be a great loss.

    So I don't mind doing whatever it takes to get the site approved for adsense. But the question now is "how do I get the site ( approved for adsense since I already have an approved adsense account and not allowed to have more than one account?

    I was hoping I could contact Google directly so that they can lift the embargo on the site after some adjustments, but I don't have any contact information to use. The other option I have is to use the site to apply for a business adsense account, since what I already have is an individual account. The problem with this however is that I can't use my official name that I already used for my individual account, and if I don't use my official name I can't clear my checks with my bank.

    Please advice me on what to do.

    Thank you.
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  12. The sad thing about being banned is there is no room for appeal.
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  13. Hi guys,

    I have a case today where one of my friends has clicked on an ad. It was an honest click but she lives not far from me and also is a contributor to my website. She didn't know any better which is why it happened. Do you think i am in trouble? I am right on the border of going over the threshold and dont really want to wait another month. Should i message adsense or leave it?

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