How to Create a Memorable Business Card

After you leave a conference or meet with anyone that might lead to future business, your business card is the gateway for future contact and how you will be remembered. It’s important to have an exciting, professional and creative business card. The majority of business cards that are collected after a conference are thrown into a box and never looked at again. However, if you make a killer business card, you and your business are that much more likely to be remembered. Here are a few ideas and notes to remember for your next business card design.

1.) Use Your Real Picture or Memorable Logo
Personally, I have the big Zac Johnson cartoon guy on all of my business cards. It’s actually become quite a recognizable logo/symbol over the years. For anyone that doesn’t have a memorable mascot or logo, I would highly recommend adding your picture to your business card. I know when I come back from a conference and look over my business cards, I will see a few and remember the name, but not the face to go with it. Having your face on your business card makes it impossible for anyone to forget who you are!

2.) Add Social Networking Links
No longer is it about adding your full company mailing address, but instead what your social networking links and tags are. It’s becoming a must to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn urls. My favorite method of online contact is through AIM and EMAIL, so don’t forget those as well.

3.) What’s On Your Back?
Having a solid white background on your business card is just plain and lazy. Why pass up on the opportunity to grab even more attention and creativity to your business. Over the years I’ve used the back of my business cards to show different site properties that I own. I’ve also seen other business cards have calendars, fun designs, funny athlete stats and note pad lines. Add anything you like, and don’t be scared to get creative… do something original and get even more attention for yourself and your brand.

4.) Size Matters
When you are collecting business cards at a conference, you may find that your little stack of business cards aren’t stacking so perfectly. This is because people are getting more creative with their business cards and making them in a wide variation of sizes. Sure, it’s plenty annoying when you are trying to stack all of your collected cards, but they definitely stand out from the rest and grab your attention.

5.) Paper, Plastic… Metal!
You can simple, creative or very plan with your card design, but one of the best ways to get noticed is to have high quality business cards made out of metal or plastic. These cards can run a few dollars each, but will leave a lasting impression that will make others want to show your cards to their friends. If cost is an issue for you, only hand out these premium type of cards to your best potential contacts, and hand out your regular cards to everyone else.

Whether you are designing your next business cards, brochures, company flyers or anything, make sure that you take the time to make your work stand out and be more than just another business card tossed into a box after an event.

Feel free to share your business card design in the comments section, or talk about some of the coolest business card designs you’ve received over the years.

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  1. Having an appealing business card is something that a lot of people seem to fail on. I think it is the most important offline branding tool to leave that lasting impression.

  2. Do you know which website I could buy those picture business cards? like the ones on your article..

    also your new comment section sucks, I prefer your default one. It takes a long time to load.

  3. Not sure where these cards were created, but I will write a future post which should have a lot more unique designs and business cards to look over.

    As for the comments section, it's using intense debate. It should only take a second or two to load at most. Haven't had any other complaints on it.
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  4. Wow! This is perfect. In two weeks time, I'll give the go signal to start the manufacturing of my Business Card but sad to say I haven't finalized the design yet. LOL. It's good that you provided me this information. Regarding "Size Matters", I think it's good but some people got annoyed by these awkward sizes and throw them away. But most people are easily attracted to these new styles.

  5. Ever since 1999, I've always harped on making your business card stand out (that's when I'd give cross-country seminars to recruiters).

    Always ask yourself – what would your customers VALUE the most? Sometimes it might be a glossary, sometimes it might be 3 quick tips, sometimes it might be a ruler…it all depends upon the niche you service. And lots of places even offer free business card templates online.

  6. I think creating super flashy business cards should only for designers. I don't see the need if you're just a business owner or affiliate to create a super memorable business card. If your business card is the only thing that will get a person to remember you, you need to work on your networking skills.

  7. I love the designs and the creativity, but don't most people put business cards in their wallets? If a company's or person's card is round, a pop up or some other odd shape, doesn't it increase the chances of it getting lost since it will not fit in a standard place? I would think so. I am not knocking the creativity because I do feel that people will remember those cards more than the standard cards…I am just not sold on the odd shapes.

  8. great tips to create a business card. Your tips are always useful. I liked the idea of putting Social Bookmark link instead company address. Putting your personal things at back is also good idea to put right impact on the mind of users.But plastic card is a bit expensive.
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  9. This is great! I cant believe that their are other ways I can make my business card treasured by others. anyways, thank you for sharing. im planning to have the plastic or metal type business card.
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  10. Cool stuff, I've seen a few transparent business cards floating around … they definitely stand out.
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  11. Man these business cards are really cool. These cards are sure to leave a lasting impression on the people that get them. You have to give these companies marketing department's credit.

  12. If you can create business cards that get people talking, then you have definitely designed an effective card. I agree that leaving the back of business cards blank is a wasted opportunity to make an impression. The cost of printing both sides is only slightly higher than printing on one. The tiny price difference is more than worth it for the attention you can get from printing both sides.

  13. Great, thanks for shjowing us some designs to make it memoriable 🙂 I will sure get an idea out of those.
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  14. WOW thank you for this wonderful tutorial. God bless you
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