How to Create Killer Landing Pages that Convert

Written by Zac Johnson
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Have you ever wondered who the designers are behind the top affiliate offers in our space?

Let’s not kid ourselves; designing a landing page that converts is an exact science. Most spend countless hours in their basement sweating over a laptop trying to crack the code of a great design. Staring at pages that convert for hours only to develop their own that, well, is never quite competitive enough! Why become a jack of all trades and a master of none. That’s why the top affiliates and advertisers outsource their design and copy work.

The #1 design, copy, and video service in the affiliate/advertiser space is Direct Response Agency.  Just take a quick look at their portfolio and you’ll immediately identify a number of the offers they’ve built. With the best direct response designers, copywriters, presale specialists, and video production agents on board, Direct Response Agency is hands down the #1 affiliate design, copywriting, and video group on the planet!

So how does Direct Response Agency effortlessly dominate design, copy, and video while others work at feverish rates and come up short?

It’s real simple. Direct Response Agency actively recruits the best of the best talent. We understand that in order to stay the best you have to recruit the best. Therefore on any given landing page Direct Response Agency will have up to 5-6 team members working on different elements:

-        Graphic design.

-        Logo design.

-        Copy.

-        Page Optimization.

-        Consumer feedback testing.

-        Programming.

Here’s 4 Insider Tips On How Direct Response Agency Works Behind The Scenes:

1. We have our Ph.D in Psychology

Okay, we don’t ACTUALLY have our Ph.D in Psychology. But knowing how the human mind thinks is something we’ve mastered.

Coloring, wording, and graphics must all work in sync on a page.  All three elements are enhanced when positioned properly.

For example. Let’s examine a landing page Direct Response Agency designed for

This page is killing it. And luck has nothing to do with it. If you notice carefully, our designers placed green in specific ways around the page. Drawing your eyes to some of the most important elements of this landing page.

  • Call to action “act now” arrow
  • Easily seen and understood submit button
  • Product’s main benefits with eye catching bullets
  • Bar chart and percentage statistics

These elements make a world’s difference in conversions.  When all three elements (coloring, wording, and graphics) work together, consumers can quickly identify results.  The psychological effect dramatically improves conversions.

2. We don’t try to reinvent the wheel

There is a reason why some landing pages convert higher than others, and it has nothing to do with a roll of the dice.  Direct Response Agency has proven time and time again that hard work does not mean starting from scratch every time.

With the top 3 copywriters in the industry on our staff, Direct Response Agency’s copy converts.

Let’s look at some proven above the fold examples by Direct Response Agency that have been proven to work.

Notice in all three well designed above the fold examples…

  • A colorful call to action arrow leading you directly to your form.
  • An image of the product.
  • A list or graph of the product’s benefits.
  • A seal or graphic of a promise or guarantee.

These are just a few of the hundreds of small details Direct Response Agency utilizes. That when used time and time again, convert better than any previous landing page out there.

3. Reduce the scripture implementation Dumb it down

It should be no surprise to you that the average education level of an American is 5th grade. On top of that, American’s are lazy and don’t have time to put forth effort to think.  This is how Direct Response Agency grabs the highest conversion rates out there.  By simply taking the thinking out of the viewer’s buying process.

Imagine a landing page as the types of books you read when you were four years old.  There was large, easy to read text with colorful and descriptive graphics.  The wording didn’t make you have to go back and read it three or four times before you understood what the heck it was talking about.

The Direct Response Agency has the most talented video production agents in the game.  Pumping out visually stimulating videos that get the message across with authority, instead of leaving you saying “…huh?”

People need to understand your message.  If you can’t do that effectively the first time, there’s a large chance you just lost a sale.

Reputation Changer Video Link

You can see another video example of Book Brewer on YouTube.

A video demo of the company is one of the best ways to get your business understood. These are two videos developed by our Direct Response Agency video production agent that can clearly get this message across.  Notice the clever motion graphics and wording, all developed to help the viewer visually and audibly understand who the company is, and what they can do for you.

4. Get compliant or get out!

Nothing ruins a campaign faster than non-compliance with regulations.  Any wise guy with a computer and a horrible landing page education can come up with a b.s. testimonial, article, or design.

Direct Response Agency is seasoned in working with our clients legal teams to ensure compliance.  We always recommend that prior to launch you have a seasoned FTC attorney review it.  Our favorite is Tom Cohn of Venable LLP:

Most people avoid compliance because they don’t know how to make a page compliant and still have it convert.  We’ve mastered the balance between compliance and conversion.

Creating landing pages that convert is an exact science.   For more examples of great converting website design, graphic design, video production, and copywriting, look at the Direct Response Agency portfolio

This guest post was written by Dave Polykoff of the team. As one of the leading experts in online marketing and landing page design, I requested the DirectResponse team to put together a quality post with examples, and the methods they use for landing page design creation.

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  1. Wow, awesome article! These DirectResponse Agency guys really seem to know what they are doing!

    1. They definitely have a great portfolio. Looking at their site, I see several items I recognize.

      I might have to have them fix me up a good logo, mine sucks 🙂 $250 is a lot, but I'm sure it'll be worthwhile.
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  2. Better yet. How about a landing page creation resource for those of us with little dinero and aren't coders. Please Help!

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    1. get your dollars up – if you want to win online you can't sacrifice quality. Best bet is to read Zac's guide on how to create a page that converts – he knows what he's doing

  3. Thank for the Post iam still working on my first landing pages and its helpful. In germany a landing page is more easier. Most important in germany is the product pic on the landing page.
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  4. Hi, Zac,
    Dave made a very well presentation of DRA and the way they are working. I read carefully all of his explanations regarding their style and knowledge in this matter. They seem to be respectable. I will check their portfolio on their official site given here.
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  5. Thanks For that post this is really innovative post for me at-least thanks i like that video sharing too it makes easy to understand in such smooth way.

  6. Yes,these Direct Response Agency people must really practice a lot with these amazing pages.

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    Bradley Nordstrom
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  7. I thought Orange was the "action button color of choice". Is green the new orange? 🙂 I suppose if everybody's been using orange buttons, it could be causing a blindness to orange buttons now, so maybe it's time to ditch the orange.
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    1. Kevin, orange is still a great call to action color. One we've used in plenty of our material.

      Human nature draws us to be very associative. For example, red is associated to a lot of negative awareness things like fire engines, blood, stop signs, etc. Green on the other hand can be associated to positive features like money, "go" on a traffic light, and nature.

      The product we designed the presale page for was for skin care. Bringing a positive nature feel to a beauty product is just one more psychological feature to think about. : )

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