How to Create Your Own App in Under 12 Minutes

Written by Zac Johnson
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The mobile app industry is booming and it’s hard to believe that it’s only 4 ½  years old. Over 45 billion apps have been downloaded into smartphones across the world and we’re currently seeing a whopping average of 2,000 apps entering the mobile marketplace each day.

Mobile devices and apps are becoming a critical part of all of our everyday lives. For some people it’s even become an addiction!

Money in Mobile Phone Apps

  • 82% of people surveyed believe there are critical apps they can’t go without for even a day!
  • Spain was ranked as the most app-reliant country with 93% of people saying they can’t go one complete day without apps.
  • The most critical of all mobile apps are email (57%), facebook (41%) and a clock (31%).

You can view the full infographic for more details and crazy stats!

This business is only getting bigger and there is no better time than now to be a part of this multi-billion dollar industry.

However, what deters most people from trying to make their own mobile app is the misconception that it’s just too hard and this is true to an extent.

The problem with most app building software is that they were created for developers so they can be really hard to use with a lot of confusing jargon that normal people wouldn’t understand. Most people can’t be bothered to spend hours watching training videos and reading ‘How To’ manuals.

Green App MachineIf someone was able to make the process of creating an app as simple as point and click, then everyone would be jumping at the gun to get their own app created. Fortunately, Peng Li was able to accomplish this feat after spending several months an a ton of investment money in his latest “Green App Machine” product that shows you how you can get your own mobile app created from start to finish in just 12 minutes.

This former Assistant Foreman turned App Developer has created a software that reduces app building to a few clicks of a mouse and this has enabled thousands of normal people with zero technical knowledge to create apps from scratch for their own businesses or selling them for premium rates.

You don’t have to write code… you don’t have to hire developers… you don’t have to run Beta groups to test your software. It’s all done for you.

Another cool aspect of this software is that it does not limit the amount of apps you can create so you can make as many as you want. The software also has a Keyword Research Tool you can use to find lucrative keywords and within minutes build a mobile app around that keyword.

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