How To Earn Passive Income with a Good Online Reputation

What does it really take to live the internet lifestyle?

The kind of life where you’re debt free and you could travel the world to learn the awesomeness of nature? It’s so BEAUTIFUL!

Having enough money to help the Poor around you and supporting the world, not because you desire to flaunt our wealth, but because you love people. You wish them well, too.

Isn’t it the major reason why you started blogging “ to earn money and live a life that’s different from the usual 9-5 jobs?

Living the Internet Life StyleI’m confident that the above clearly explains why you’re reading this post. And I want to emphatically state here that unless you’ve good reputation online, you can’t achieve and retain your INTERNET WEALTH.

Don’t be deceived by those flashy $100k checks you see a lot of so-called gurus flash on the screen – most of those checks are manipulated. Yes, some are real, while some are not.

The truth of the matter is that if these people are actually deceiving others to earn that much, they’ll definitely fall and lose everything. Their woes may not happen instantly, but it definitely would.

Passive income structure

Creating Passive IncomeThe structure for passive income is ACTIVE AUDIENCE.

As you already know, potential customers can only buy from who they know, trust and like.

Does it mean that if you’re not known in the internet world, you’ll not make money? Of course not, but it all boils down to your offer.

If you truly solve a problem for your target audience, even if you’re new to the game, you’ll still earn money online.

But remember, this post isn’t about one-time affiliate commissions or deals, I prefer a business model that can generate decent income every single month, with less effort. Is this possible?

This is why you need good online reputation. Your image online is everything. Don’t promote affiliate offers just to make one-time income and disappear into thin air, you’re actually sabotaging your future.

Internet marketing is truly lucrative, but not many marketers are smiling to the Bank and I’ll tell you why? Let’s get personal right here…

You don’t have active audience

Building Your AudienceOne of the ways to earn passive income is to promote web hosting services to your readers and fans. Or subscription-based services e.g. membership sites.

Now let’s consider the chances of succeeding in this model: If you’re new to the game, and has less than 100 blog readers, you’ll have to work extra hard to convince your readers to actually buy the hosting packages through your affiliate link. Correct?

On the other hand, if you’re an established blogger with over 1,000 active blog readers, then your journey is going to be smoother in converting readers into customers. How is this possible?

It’s because over time, you’ve solved their problems. You’ve listened to their cries and you’ve delivered rich solutions, through content marketing.

All those kindness you showed readers when you were just starting out is going to pay off BIG time when you recommend a recurring affiliate offer to them.

Locate a need and meet it

How are you going to build an active audience, so that you can make more money online, without working your butts off?

You need to start building your audience today. Forget all the hype and get rich quick offers that are scattered all over the blogosphere. “Locate a need and fill it.”

Let your readers know that making a living with a blog isn’t as easy as they think, but don’t discourage them in any way.

Finding Your NicheShow them the easy way to achieve their goals. More so, create videos and START TEACHING. You could teach people how to use the Kindle HD, the iPad or how to research keywords for their niche sites.

There are beginners all over the internet who are looking for basic knowledge about a given subject.

When you begin to teach from your heart, these beginners would turn into a formidable active audience. And that’s where the money is.

Remember, teaching is the best channel to deliver your message. It doesn’t matter whether you use videos, articles, podcasts or short reports, make sure you’re teaching.

Every blogger is supposed to be a teacher. Bloggers are not writers who share tips; instead we’re teachers to the core. That’s how to build an active audience.

Good online reputation + value = passive income

Creating a Super ReputationYes, the simple formula above is what you need to build passive income streams no matter the niche you’re in.

For instance, if your niche is internet marketing, tell people the truth. If you review a clickbank or Amazon affiliate product, be neutral. Unveil the good and ugly sides of that product. And most importantly, start building your list.

This way, you can share exclusive insights and strategies that have worked for you over the past few months or years – right on their inboxes.

The truth is that any blogger who isn’t mindful of email marketing is shortsighted. In other words, such a blogger may run away anytime he or she chooses because they’re not accountable to anyone.

And guess what? One of the easy ways to know a legit and credible blogger/internet marketer who truly cares about you is when they run a newsletter.

I’m not talking about incessant promotional email letters, but the type that puts subscribers at the forefront. It’s all about subscribers – not the email marketer.

What is your offer?

Business QuestionsWhat exactly are you promoting online?

Do you really have a valuable product that your readers can use to achieve their business goals? Well, when I say business, I may be wrong, because not every niche is business-based.

But whatever you do online, you MUST watch your online reputation. That’s why online reputation management agencies are everywhere; because they want to help you purge your ugly profile and come out a new person. But you need to answer one question…

What’s the question?

Look at what you’re selling to your target audience at the moment and ask yourself ONE question How valuable is my offer?

This single question would help you build passive income online and help you make necessary adjustments before it gets too late.

Leave a valuable comment below if you found this post helpful. You’re awesome!

This post was written and provided by Nick from If you’d like to earn more passive income through blogging, be sure to check out our services to get started today.

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