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Before I started my blog six years ago, I was a die hard HTML guy. My site then ended up making a ton of money in the myspace niche was created with over 60,000 pages of pure HTML coding and no programming at all. It took a massive amount of time, but it was well worth it in the end.

The problem is that even though I was using FrontPage for most of my sites, I still needed to know how to write in HTML and have the software to create the sites. Now it’s so ridiculously easy for anyone to start a site of their own, and there is no need for knowing HTML or coding.

Building Your Own Site in No TimeNow web hosts and free creation sites make the process so easy!

The shift has changed from just trying to sell web hosting accounts with your basic cpanel and ftp. Now hosts have to compete with each other to not only make it extremely easy for anyone to create a site of their own, but to also offer the most competitive process.

This is exactly what is doing with their site creation service, and a perfect example of a successful business model that is quickly approaching 2 million members.

To show you how simple it is to create a site in just a few minutes using their service, let’s walk through the process.

Choose Your Site Template

For anyone who is familiar with building web sites, you will know that it’s much easier to start with a template than with a blank page of nothing.

IMCreator has created a platform that allows you to walk through each setup one at a time, the first being the actual selection of the template you would like to use on your site.

In the screenshot below you will see a preview of the many different templates available.


Using the Site Builder to Quickly Edit & Build Your Site

As mentioned earlier in the post, I used to use Microsoft Frontpage software to design my sites, then would have to manually upload the files through FTP to get them live on the site.

A growing trend among free and paid hosting solutions now is that they offer in-browser software that allows you to point and click where you would like to edit and add content. This makes the process amazing easy and simple to follow.

Below you will see a draft of the site I started to create using their site. Keep in mind I still didn’t even have to sign up for their service yet or even enter my info!


You can see the live demo site I created here.

Time to Go Live with Your New Site

Once you’ve found a template design that you like and have customized the content and pictures to your liking, then it’s time to go live with your site. Once you’ve created a design and content for your site, you can click the PUBLISH button and go live with your site.

Here is where you will get to go through the quick process of going live with your site and choosing between hosting it on your own domain name or for free through IMCreator’s site.

If you just want to go live with your site and not pay anything, it’s as easy as “liking” their service through Facebook. Once done your site will go live with it’s own URL on their network.

In the screenshot below you will see that you also have the option to get a domain name and unlimited hosting, for the cost of $7.95 a month.


Creating Web Sites will Never Be the Same

There’s no doubt that creating web sites will never be like it used to be. Sure, there will always be high end site designs that require programmers, coding and design work… but it’s never been so easy for any to go live with a site of their own in just a few minutes and at no cost.

IMCreator is a really cool service and I recommend you take a look at the templates they have if you want to play around with creating your first site. Best of all, you can spend a few minutes working on your site and if you like how it looks, then you can go live with it… if not, you can scrap it and try another design.

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